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Jul 3

Ivette and Anthony Maniece, Supervisory CBPOs (and spouses) U.S. Customs & Border ProtectionBecause of the devastation that our country suffered on September 11, we felt the need to continue serving and protecting this country after our military careers ended – and what better way to continue our service than to join U.S. Customs and Border Protection!  As we reflect on the nation’s celebration of our independence, we are proud that we have the opportunity to train the finest officer candidates who will defend America’s frontline. –  Ivette and Anthony Maniece, Supervisory CBPOs (and spouses) U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Jul 2

WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced the expansion of the DHS Blue Campaign’s public awareness efforts to major airports, truck stops, and motorist gas stations across the country to better enable Americans to recognize and report potential instances of human trafficking.  Travelers will now see Blue Campaign messages in new locations throughout their journey. For the first time, these messages will describe the signs of human trafficking to help the general public more readily recognize and report this heinous crime.

Jul 2

Kamryn JaroszweskiI am a proud Army veteran, and I now work as a writer/editor in the Office of Communications at USCIS. I love being able to improve products used by millions of people. By making forms easier to understand and improving the content on our website, I’m making it a little easier for people to achieve their dream of becoming an American citizen.

Jul 1

FirecrackerMost fireworks are meant to fly high in the sky, but never via a commercial aircraft. Fireworks are explosive and incendiary, so in an effort to keep the skies safe, the FAA has prohibited fireworks from being transported in both carry-on and checked bags. TSA enforces this rule.

Jul 1

Gabriella Marino My career goals center on doing meaningful work, and I joined DHS because all work in defense of our homeland is meaningful. As a contract specialist at DHS, I am proud to support our front‑line workers who put their lives and safety on the line each day. As we prepare to observe Independence Day, I am reminded of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation, and in so doing, have preserved our freedom and prosperity.

Jun 30

Veronica Cruz ChaconI was 13 years old when Hurricane Georges came through Puerto Rico. I remember staring hopeless at the devastation:  bridges were completely gone, and rivers were indistinguishable from the rest of the flooded valleys. In all the chaos, FEMA showed up and a glimpse of hope filled the air.

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