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About the National Protection and Programs Directorate

NPPD’s vision is a safe, secure, and resilient infrastructure where the American way of life can thrive.  NPPD leads the national effort to protect and enhance the resilience of the nation’s physical and cyber infrastructure. 


The components of the National Protection and Programs Directorate include:

  • Federal Protective Service (FPS): FPS is a federal law enforcement agency that provides integrated security and law enforcement services to federally owned and leased buildings, facilities, properties and other assets.
  • Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM): OBIM provides biometric identity services to DHS and its mission partners that advance informed decision making by producing accurate, timely, and high fidelity biometric identity information while protecting individuals’ privacy and civil liberties.
  • Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (OCIA):  OCIA provides consolidated all-hazards consequence analysis ensuring there is an understanding and awareness of cyber and physical critical infrastructure interdependencies and the impact of a cyber threat or incident to the Nation’s critical infrastructure. 
  • Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C): CS&C has the mission of assuring the security, resiliency, and reliability of the nation’s cyber and communications infrastructure.
  • Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP): IP leads the coordinated national effort to reduce risk to our critical infrastructure posed by acts of terrorism. In doing so, the Department increases the nation's level of preparedness and the ability to respond and quickly recover in the event of an attack, natural disaster, or other emergency.
Last Published Date: July 9, 2014
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