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Homeland Security

Additional Interagency Security Committee Resources

Superseded Products

  • December 2013/8th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/September 2014.
  • March 2013/7th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/December 2013.
  • March 2008/Facility Security Level Determinations for Federal Facilities. Superseded/August 2013.
  • April 2010/Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities. Superseded/August 2013.
  • January 2012/Facility Security Committees 2nd Edition. Superseded/August 2013.
  • May 2010/Child Care Centers Level of Protection Template. Superseded/August 2013.
  • June 2009/Use of Physical Security Performance Measures. Superseded/August 2013.
  • November 2012/6th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/March 2013.
  • April 2012/5th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/November 2012.
  • November 2011/4th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/April 2012.
  • July 2011/1st Edition - Facility Security Committees. Superseded/January 2012.
  • April 2011/3rd Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/November 2011.
  • November 2010/2nd Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/April 2011.
  • April 2010/1st Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/November 2010.
  • Augusts 2007/ISC Best Practices for Safe Mail Handling. Superseded/September 2011.
  • February 2005/Security Standards for Leased Spaces (FOUO). Superseded/April 2010.
  • September 2004/Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings and Major Modernization Projects (FOUO). Superseded/April 2010.
  • June 2003/ISC Guidance on Escape Hoods. Superseded/May 2009.


Executive Order

  • Executive Order 12977, Interagency Security Committee, October 19, 1995
  • Executive Order 13286, Amendment of Executive Orders, and Other Actions, in Connection With the Transfer of Certain Functions to the Secretary of Homeland Security, February 28, 2003


Homeland Security Presidential Directives


  • DOJ 1995 Vulnerability Assessment Report: Superseded/April 2010 (Updated in the 2008 Facility Security Level Determinations and the 2010 Physical Security Criteria).

FBI Study on Active Shooter Incidents Covers 2000-2013 Time Frame

Vehicle Barrier Resources

The Department of State has been working with the Department of Defense Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office – Technical Support Working Group (CTTSO/TSWG) on a vehicle barriers project with three distinct elements:

  • An application guide that provides practical selection and application advice when the decision to use a vehicle barrier has been made.
  • A model procurement specification, based on that used by the Department’s Office of Overseas Operations, which facilitates the crafting of a comprehensive procurement document.
  • Market research in a spread sheet that allows a potential consumer to evaluate the plethora of commercially available barriers in a searchable format. Note: The products offered are to be used for informational purposes only to assist with Active Vehicle Barrier specification and selection processes. Department of State and TSWG have not established any new standards through these documents. Existing standards included are cited as such. Department of State and TSWG do not endorse any model or manufacturer included in these products.

Users with a need-to-know may access these resources. To request access, please send an e-mail to with your full name and contact information, including e-mail, agency name, and reason for access.

Last Published Date: November 6, 2014
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