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Advanced Technology Demonstration

The Advanced Technology Demonstration Program seeks to support late-stage, pre-acquisition research and development projects that target a gap in the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture or in national technical nuclear forensics.  These are projects that are not likely to be filled by others in the near term and have successfully completed an Exploratory Research Program or an equivalent demonstration.

Through this program, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Transformational and Applied Research Directorate  has a goal of developing and characterizing a Performance Test Unit capable of providing reliably scalable performance measurements in a challenging and realistic, albeit simulated, operational environment.  Success is measured by having a sufficient understanding of the technology performance/potential to inform a cost-benefit analysis for the transition of a Performance Test Unit technology to a government acquisition program or to a commercial system for development.

Vendors are solicited annually through Broad Agency Announcements / Call for Proposals and are open to industry (including small businesses), national and government laboratories, and universities.  They usually start with a voluntary white paper before full proposals are submitted.  Annual solicitations tend to be issued in the spring timeframe, but may vary.

The Transformational and Applied Research Directorate anticipates starting a new project each year, which will typically have two to three vendors developing a system for characterization.

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Last Published Date: May 21, 2014

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