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The National Conversation on Homelande Security Technology is intended to foster an exchange between users and innovators to generate sustainable homeland security solutions.


RDP's capabilities represent the breadth of services provided by each office within the RDP Group and are the distinct functional elements performed to achieve the RDP goal. Each capability illustrates the cross-cutting functions of the RDP offices.

Emergency Services Sector

Emergency Services Sector

A system of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery elements, the Emergency Services Sector represents the nation's first line of defense in the prevention and mitigation of risk from terrorist attacks, man-made incidents, and natural disasters.


Cover for the Mutli-Jurisdiction Improvised Explosive Device Security Planning Workshop Situation ManualThe Multi-Jurisdiction Improv

Additional ISC Resources

Superseded Products

  • December 2013/8th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO). Superseded/September 2014.
  • March 2013/7th Edition - Design-Basis Threat (FOUO).
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Chemical Sector Resources

The Chemical Sector-Specific Agency has the responsibility to provide institutional knowledge and specialized expertise in order to collaboratively develop, coordinate, and implement voluntary programs designed to improve security and resilience within the Chemical Sector.

Global Nuclear Detection Architecture

The Global Nuclear Detection Architecture is a framework for detecting (through technical and non-technical means), analyzing, and reporting on nuclear and other radioactive materials that are out of regulatory control. 

2014 Nuclear Security Summit

“This [Nuclear Security] Summit focuses on strengthening nuclear security and preventing terrorists, criminals and all other unauthorised actors from acquiring nuclear materials that could be used in nuclear weapons, and other radioactive mate


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