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Working with Businesses to Strengthen America’s Resiliency

Last week, Secretary Napolitano kicked off Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Month by highlighting some of the work DHS does in partnership with the owners and operators of critical infrastructure to protect their assets and keep our communities safe and resilient.  A resilient community is one that can bounce back from adversity, and can recover and rebuild from a disaster to be even stronger than before.

During widespread emergencies, DHS coordinates with our public and private sector partners as they work to get the power back on, the roads clear, hospitals open, and the other critical infrastructure on which we all rely, back up and running. But a community can only be resilient if its businesses and workers are prepared for emergencies and ready to reopen and return to serve their customers. When critical service providers are better prepared to bounce back from disasters and other emergencies, they help communities and local economies recover faster by delivering essential needs such as electricity, communication, medical care, water, and transportation to citizens, government, and other businesses.

While we can’t predict precisely how, when, or where Mother Nature or some other emergency may strike, we can do our part by preparing for the unexpected. DHS has a number of resources available to help businesses prepare for potential emergencies and develop plans to continue operations as soon as possible. Ready Business features a number of free resources, including a Business Continuity Planning Suite with training videos, exercises and template plans.

During this month, I encourage every business to take the steps now to make a plan, become prepared, and ensure their resilience.

For more information about the DHS’s critical infrastructure protection and resilience programs, training, and resources visit

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