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The Blue Campaign strives to create a vast network of partner organizations to join in DHS’s efforts to combat human trafficking. To end this heinous crime, which is happening around the world and right here in the United States, DHS is committed to increasing awareness and engagement on this issue. This includes:

  • People on the frontlines―first responders, community volunteers, healthcare providers, teachers, and law enforcement;
  • A range of organizations— private, public, and non-profit ―who are committed to social responsibility and willing to help in this effort;
  • Government entities that create and foster strong relationships to support and facilitate the sharing of best practices; and
  • Citizens, who through the knowledge of their communities, can be the greatest asset in this fight.

As the unified voice for DHS’ anti-human trafficking efforts, the Blue Campaign has an array of resources available to help our partner network grow and become part of the collective efforts to combat human trafficking. These tools will expand the Blue Campaign’s partner network to:

  • Increase the reach of the anti-human trafficking message;
  • Provide access to professional/effective materials;
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices;
  • Create opportunities for new and innovative coalitions and collaborations; and
  • Amplify human trafficking efforts via a strength-in-numbers approach.

If your organization is interested in joining our fight, contact the Blue Campaign now:

Read more about other organizations that have joined the Blue Campaign.

Last Published Date: November 5, 2014
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