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Commercial Facilities Publications

DHS offers a variety of publications focused on Commercial Facilities topics specifically for stakeholders and owner operators.

Sector-Specific Plan

The Commercial Facilities Sector-Specific Plan, developed through a coordinated effort from both public and private sector partners, sets the strategic direction for voluntary, collaborative efforts to improve security and resilience in the sector and details how the 2013 National Infrastructure Protection Plan's risk management framework is implemented within the context of the unique characteristics and risk landscape of the sector.

Private Sector-Preparation (PS-PREP™) Framework Guides

DHS collaborates with critical infrastructure partners to produce sector-specific PS-PREP™ Framework Guides. The process includes identifying sector-specific guidelines, effective practices, and relevant regulations and mapping these existing preparedness efforts onto DHS-adopted standards. For more information, e-mail

Evacuation Planning Guides for Stadiums and Major Events

These two guides, the Evacuation Planning Guide for Stadiums and the Mass Evacuation Planning Guide for Major Events: NASCAR Pilot, assist stadium owners and operators with preparing evacuation plans and helping to determine when and how to evacuate, shelter-in-place, or relocate stadium spectators and participants.

The Evacuation Planning Guide for Stadiums includes a template that can be used to create a plan that will incorporate the unique policies and procedures of State and local governments, surrounding communities, and specific stadium characteristics.

Protective Measures Guides

These guides assist owners and operators in planning and managing security at their facilities. They provide an overview of threat, vulnerability, and protective measures and offer suggestions for successful planning, organizing, coordinating, communicating, operating, and training activities that contribute to a safe environment for guests and employees.

Current guides include:

  • Protective Measures Guide for U.S. Sports Leagues (FOUO)
  • Protective Measures Guide for the U.S. Lodging Industry (FOUO)
  • Protective Measures Guide for Mountain Resorts (FOUO)
  • Protective Measures Guide for Outdoor Venues (FOUO)

To obtain these For Official Use Only (FOUO)-designated documents, go to the Commercial Facilities site on the Homeland Security Information Network - Critical Infrastructure.

Pandemic Influenza Planning Materials

Public assembly venue owners and operators use these pandemic influenza planning documents to enhance pandemic operational response planning. The guide provides key steps and activities for managers of public assembly venues to consider when operating their facilities during pandemic situations. The worksheet displays the status of operational activities that venues should use to respond to the influenza's impact on venues and surrounding areas. A Checklist outlines the various activities that should be considered by public assembly venues when developing a pandemic response plan.

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Last Published Date: November 13, 2015

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