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Broad Agency Announcment 11-02

In January 2011, the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Cyber Security Division (CSD) announced a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) 11-02 seeking proposals in fourteen (14) technical topic areas (TTA) aimed at improving security in both federal networks and the larger Internet, and developing new and enhanced technologies for the detection of, prevention of, and response to cyber attacks on the nation’s critical information infrastructure.

BAA 11-02 elicited white paper responses from more than 1,000 offerors; after an extensive review and down-select process more than 200 offerors were invited to submit full proposals for a final review and of those, new awards have been made to 34 organizations. Many of the awards involve several organizations teamed to conduct the planned research. These organizations will conduct cybersecurity research and developments that result in knowledge products and deployable security solutions that advance understanding of cyber risks, as directed by the President in the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.

The BAA 11-02 awards also currently includes four internationally co-funded projects, two each with the United Kingdom and Australia; negotiations are currently in process with Canada, Sweden and The Netherlands for co-funding of additional CSD BAA 11-02 funded projects. The first PI Meeting was held October 9-11, 2012.

The organizations are:

TTA 1 – Software Assurance

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Applied Visions, IncCode Fox: Software Assurance Visual Analytics for Dynamic Analysis of Code
HRL Laboratories, LLCTunable Information Flow
Kestrel Technology, LLCA “Gold Standard” Method for Benchmarking C Source Code Static Analysis tools

TTA 2 – Enterprise-Level Security Metrics

Lead OrganizationProject Name
George Mason UniversityMeasuring Enterprise Risk Through Automated Security Testing
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignA Tool for Compliance and Depth of Defense Metrics

TTA 3 – Usable Security

Lead OrganizationProject Name
IBM ResearchUsable Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk-Based Authorization
Trustees of Indiana UniversityCUTS: Coordinating User and Technical Security

TTA 4 – Insider Threat

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Naval Postgraduate SchoolDetecting Threatening Insiders with Lightweight Media Forensics

TTA 5 – Resilient Systems and Networks

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Naval Postgraduate SchoolMethodology for Assessment of Security Properties
Raytheon BBN TechnologiesReal-time Protocol Shepherds (RePS)

TTA 6 – Modeling of Internet Attacks

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Columbia UnversityAdvanced Situation Awareness of High Impact Malware Attacks Against the Internet Routing Infrastructure
Georgia Tech Research Corp.Comprehensive Understanding of Malicious Overlay Networks
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryVisually Fusing Contextual Data for Situational Understanding

TTA 7 – Network Mapping and Measurement

Lead OrganizationProject Name
International Computer Science InstituteNetalyzr NG: Monitoring DNS, DNSSEC, and TLS from the Edge
Merit Network Inc.Enabling Operational Use of RPKI via Internet Routing Registries
Naval Postgraduate SchoolHigh-Frequency Active Internet Topology Mapping
University of California, San DiegoCartographic Capabilities for Critical Cyberinfrastructure

TTA 8 – Incident Response Communities

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Trustees of Dartmouth CollegeImproving CSIRT Skills, Dynamics and Effectiveness

TTA 9 – Cyber Economics

Lead OrganizationProject Name
University of MarylandReducing the Challenges to Making Cybersecurity Investments in the Private Sector
Carnegie-Mellon UniversityUnderstanding and Disrupting the Economics of Cybercrime

TTA 10 – Digital Provenance

Lead OrganizationProject Name
ITT Advanced Engineering & Sciences DivisionEvidentiary Integrity for Incident Response
The University of Alabama at BirminghamSecure Location Provenance for Mobile Devices
The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillEfficient Tracking, Logging, and Blocking of Accesses to Digital Objects

TTA 11 – Hardware-Enabled Trust

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Def-LogixHardware Enabled Zero-Day Protection (HEZDP)
IBM ResearchHardware Support for Malware Defense and End-to-End Trust

TTA 12 – Moving Target Defense

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Northrop Grumman Information SystemsAppliance for Active Repositioning in Cyberspace (AARC)
The Trustees of Princeton UniversityUsing Moving Target Defense for Secure Hardware Design

TTA 13 – Nature-Inspired Cyber Health

Lead OrganizationProject Name
Pacific NW National Laboratory


LINEBACKER: LINE-speed Bio-inspired Analysis and Characterization for Event Recognition
Rutgers University – New Brunswick CampusBio-Inspired Distributed Decision Algorithms for Anomaly Detection


Lead OrganizationProject Name
Morgridge Institute for ResearchContinuous Software Assurance through a National Marketplace


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