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Dams Sector Training

These Web-based independent study training courses provide dam and levee stakeholders with the knowledge required to enhance protection and resilience at their facilities. These courses:

  • Effectively provide information on security vulnerabilities
  • Improve the ability to assess risks to facilities
  • Support effective protective programs being put into practice
  • Improve incident response capabilities within an all-hazards strategy 

Several Web-based courses are offered by the Dams Sector and hosted by FEMA Emergency Management Institute:

Dams Sector: Crisis Management (IS-870)
This course explains the application of crisis management concepts as integral components of an overall risk management program. It provides planning guidance for Dam Sector partners to use when developing emergency action, recovery continuity of operations, pandemic preparedness, and exercise plans.

The following courses are hosted on HSIN-CI:

Dams Sector: Security Awareness (IS-871, For Official Use Only)
This course enhances the ability to identify security concerns, coordinate proper response, and establish effective partnerships with local law enforcement and first responder communities. The course describes common security vulnerabilities, potential indicators of threats, surveillance detection, and reporting of incidents and suspicious activities.

Dams Sector: Protective Measures (IS-872, For Official Use Only)
This course addresses protective measures related to physical, cyber, and human elements, and describes the importance of these measures as components of an overall risk management program.

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Last Published Date: May 29, 2014
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