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Defining Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI)

The following information (whether written, verbal, electronic, digital, or otherwise) is CVI:

  • Security Vulnerability Assessments under 6 CFR § 27.215
  • Site Security Plans under 6 CFR § 27.225
  • Documents relating to the Department's review and approval of Security Vulnerability Assessments and Site Security Plans, including Letters of Authorization, Letters of Approval, and responses thereto; written notices; and other documents developed pursuant to 6 CFR §§ 27.240 or 27.245
  • Alternative Security Programs under 6 CFR § 27.235
  • Documents relating to inspection or audits under 6 CFR § 27.250
  • Any records required to be created or retained by a covered facility under 6 CFR § 27.255
  • Sensitive portions of orders, notices or letters under 6 CFR § 27.300
  • Information developed pursuant to 6 CFR §§ 27.200 or 27.205 (such as the CSAT Top Screen and the determination by the Assistant Secretary that a chemical facility presents a high level of security risk.)
  • Other information developed for chemical facility security purposes that the Secretary, in his discretion, determines is similar to the information protected in 6 CFR § 27.400(b)(1) through (8)

Facilities shall designate information about the facility that is specified in 6 CFR § 27.400(b)(1) to (8) as CVI. The process for a facility to seek designation of CVI under 6 CFR § 27.400(b)(9) is described in Section 5.3 of the Revised CVI Procedures Manual (PDF, 29 pages - 219.5 KB).

Last Published Date: July 26, 2012
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