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EEO Complaints Backlog Reduced (January 2011)

Over the last several months, the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties' (CRCL) Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Diversity Division has focused on eliminating the backlog of EEO complaints awaiting Final Agency Decisions (FADs) by the Department. In the course of the effort, we reduced DHS’s inventory of pending EEO complaints from 492 in May 2010, when the plan was initiated, to 112 at the end of last month—over a three-quarters decrease. The backlog is long-standing and peaked in December 2008; we are now on track to eliminate it by July 2011. [UPDATE, MAY 2011: CRCL eliminated the EEO adjudication backlog in May 2011.]

CRCL EEO Complaint Adjudication Backlog Reduction Efforts Chart. This chart may not be fully Section 508 compliant. If you have difficulties accessing a file or need assistance, please contact the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (CRCL) at 202-401-1474.

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Last Published Date: July 23, 2012
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