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Faces of Homeland Security: Aaron Renschler

Aaron Renschler, USCG

Aaron Renschler, Lieutenant
USCG, Opa Locka, FL

Over a five-month deployment as the Officer-in-Charge of the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment 406 aboard the USS San Jacinto and USS Farragut, Lieutenant Aaron Renschler led his team on multiple high-risk boardings of suspected Somali pirate vessels. His team’s efforts successfully thwarted five pirate attacks on unarmed merchant vessels and played a central role in the detention of fifty suspected pirates, the seizure of a large cache of weapons and explosives, and the release of five Yemeni hostages.

Renschler is a lieutenant with the Coast Guard’s Deployable Operations Group, which protects U.S. waters and maritime interests and supports a multinational task force that conducts counter-piracy operations to protect global maritime security and ensure freedom of navigation. He received the National Defense Industrial Association’s Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict award for his leadership.

For more than 220 years, the Coast Guard has safeguarded America’s maritime interests and natural resources on our rivers and ports, in the coastal regions, on the high seas, and around the world. The Coast Guard saves those in peril and protects the nation’s maritime border, marine transportation system, natural resources, and the environment.

Last Published Date: July 12, 2012
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