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Faces of Homeland Security: Damian Schwartz


Damian Schwartz, Special Agent
Secret Service, Brooklyn, NY

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Damian Schwartz has played a key role on many investigative and protective squads in the agency’s New York Field Office since 1998.

On September 11, 2001, he assisted first responders in the evacuation of Secret Service personnel and other victims of the attacks after being directed to evacuate.

In 2004, Schwartz was selected to join the Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program and became a certified examiner. He has since performed hundreds of digital forensic exams that have derived valuable evidence and investigative leads in federal, state, and local law enforcement investigations related to financial crimes, drugs, organized crime, and child pornography.

The Secret Service is responsible for a wide range of security and investigative duties including safeguarding the nation’s financial infrastructure and payment systems and providing protection for national leaders, visiting heads of state and government, designated sites and National Special Security Events.

Last Published Date: March 5, 2013
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