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File a FOIA Overview

The Freedom of Information Act provides for the full disclosure of agency records and information to the public unless that information is exempted under clearly delineated
statutory language.


Steps to File a FOIA


How to submit a FOIA request, including required information and how to direct requests to the proper component.

Steps to File a FOIA

File a Privacy Act Request

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If you believe that the Department has records on you, you may submit a Privacy Act Request to review them.

Submit a Privacy Act Request


Fee Structure and Waivers

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Information on our current fee structure and how to request a fee waiver.

Read more on our Fee Structure and Fee Waivers.


Processing (Normal and Expedited)


FOIA requests are generally processed by order of receipt (first in, first out). However, you may request expedited processing of your FOIA request.

Find out more about FOIA Processing


Limits on FOIA Requests

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While the FOIA supports disclosure of federal agency records, the law recognizes the legitimate need to restrict disclosure of some information.

Learn about FOIA Limits and Exemptions

Last Published Date: March 18, 2013
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