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Fusion Center Locations and Contact Information

State and major urban area fusion centers (fusion centers) are owned and operated by state and local entities, and are designated by the governor of their state. In accordance with the Federal Resource Allocation Criteria (RAC) policy (PDF, 144 KB, 4 pages), which defines objective criteria and a coordinated approach for prioritizing the allocation of federal resources to fusion centers, the federal government recognizes these designations and has a shared responsibility with state and local governments to support the national network of fusion centers.

The following includes the list of primary and recognized fusion centers (associated contact information). Primary fusion centers serve as the focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information and have additional responsibilities related to the coordination of critical operational capabilities across the statewide fusion process with other recognized fusion centers. Furthermore, primary centers are the highest priority for the allocation of available federal resources, including the deployment of personnel and connectivity with federal data systems.

Primary Fusion Centers

  • Alabama Fusion Center
  • Alaska Information and Analysis Center
  • Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
  • Arkansas State Fusion Center
  • California State Threat Assessment Center
  • Colorado Information Analysis Center
  • Connecticut Intelligence Center
  • Delaware Information and Analysis Center
  • Florida Fusion Center
  • Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • Hawaii Fusion Center
  • Idaho Criminal Intelligence Center
  • Illinois Statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center
  • Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center
  • Iowa Intelligence Fusion Center
  • Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center
  • Kentucky Intelligence Fusion Center
  • Louisiana State Analytical & Fusion Exchange
  • Maine Information and Analysis Center
  • Mariana Regional Fusion Center (Guam)
  • Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center
  • Massachusetts Commonwealth Fusion Center
  • Michigan Intelligence Operations Center
  • Minnesota Fusion Center
  • Mississippi Analysis and Information Center
  • Missouri Information Analysis Center
  • Montana Analysis & Technical Information Center
  • Nebraska Information Analysis Center
  • New Hampshire Information and Analysis Center
  • New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center
  • New Mexico All Source Intelligence Center
  • New York State Intelligence Center
  • North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • North Dakota State and Local Information Center
  • Ohio Strategic Analysis and Information Center
  • Oklahoma Information Fusion Center
  • Oregon Terrorism Information Threat Assessment Network
  • Pennsylvania Criminal Intelligence Center
  • Puerto Rico National Security State Information Center
  • Rhode Island State Fusion Center
  • South Carolina Information and Intelligence Center
  • South Dakota Fusion Center
  • Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Tennessee Fusion Center
  • Texas Joint Crime Information Center
  • U.S. Virgin Islands Fusion Center
  • Utah Statewide Information and Analysis Center
  • Vermont Intelligence Center
  • Virginia Fusion Center
  • Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center (Washington, D.C.)
  • Washington State Fusion Center
  • West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center
  • Wisconsin Statewide Information Center

Recognized Fusion Centers

As the Federal Government respects the authority of state governments to designate fusion centers, any designated fusion center, including major urban area fusion centers, not designated as a primary fusion center is referred to as a recognized fusion center. 

  • Austin Regional Intelligence Center; Austin, TX
  • Boston Regional Intelligence Center; Boston, MA
  • Central California Intelligence Center; Sacramento, CA
  • Central Florida Intelligence Exchange; Orlando, FL
  • Chicago Crime Prevention and Information Center; Chicago, IL
  • Cincinnati/Hamilton County Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group; Cincinnati, OH
  • Dallas Fusion Center; Dallas, TX
  • Delaware Valley Intelligence Center; Philadelphia, PA
  • Detroit and Southeast Michigan Information and Intelligence Center; Detroit, MI
  • El Paso Multi-Agency Tactical Response Information eXchange (MATRIX); El Paso, TX
  • Houston Regional Intelligence Service Center; Houston, TX
  • Kansas City Terrorism Early Warning Fusion Center; Kansas City, MO
  • Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center; Los Angeles, CA
  • Nevada Threat Analysis Center; Carson City, NV
  • North Central Texas Fusion Center; McKinney, TX
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center; Cleveland, OH
  • Northern California Regional Intelligence Center; San Francisco, CA
  • Northern Virginia Regional Intelligence Center; Fairfax, VA
  • Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center; Orange County, CA
  • San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center; San Diego, CA
  • Southeast Florida Fusion Center; Miami, FL
  • Southeastern Wisconsin Threat Analysis Center; Milwaukee, WI
  • Southwest Texas Fusion Center; San Antonio, TX
  • Southwestern PA Region 13 Fusion Center; Pittsburgh, PA
  • St. Louis Fusion Center; St. Louis, MO
Last Published Date: July 23, 2015

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