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GRaDER Program Instrument Evaluation Application Process

Criteria for entry into the GRaDER Program include satisfactory demonstration of compliance with applicable subsets of the ANSI N42 Standards' requirements. Demonstration of compliance with the consensus standards may be achieved in either of two methods. The first method is with an original independent test report from a NVLAP-accredited laboratory for testing against the ANSI N42 Standards. The second method is with an original independent test report from a DNDO-accepted testing laboratory.

Applications must be complete at time of submission. The conformity requirements outlined in the Test and Evaluation Interest Areas section of the DNDO guidance for manufacturers must also be satisfied. Independent reports and certifications must be verifiable with the originating organizations. DNDO will attempt to resolve omissions and other problems directly with manufacturers as rapidly as possible. However, the government reserves the right to return incomplete applications without further action if omissions and requests for clarification are not resolved within 30 days of receipt.

How to Apply

  1. Read the DNDO guidance for manufacturers.
  2. Contract with a NVLAP accredited or DNDO accepted laboratory to have your instrument(s) tested. Make sure the laboratory coordinates a test plan with you and DNDO, and provides you with a copy of the laboratory accreditation or DNDO Letter of Acceptance.
  3. When you have a completed test report from the accredited/accepted laboratory, direct the laboratory to submit the complete test report to DNDO on your behalf.
  4. Prepare, date and sign the GRaDERSM Program Product Listing Agreement
  5. Prepare, date and sign the GRaDERSM Program Guidance Checklist for Submitting Manufacturers' Applications
  6. Assemble your application package with the above information and all other documentation required by the DNDO guidance for manufacturers. Add your cover letter on company letterhead with appropriate contact information. Submit the entire contents electronically to DNDO using the email address
Last Published Date: July 21, 2015

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