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Homeland Security Information Network Dams Portal

The Homeland Security Information Network-Critical Sectors (HSIN-CS), Dams Sector Portal  is an information-sharing network that provides situational awareness and allows sector partners to effectively collect and disseminate information among federal, state, and local agencies, and the private sector. It forms an important part of the Dams Sector information-sharing environment (ISE), providing a forum for members to access sensitive but unclassified information relevant to sector-specific issues.

Resources include various communities of interest, a reference library, capabilities for suspicious activity reporting, and access to training modules. The portal is managed by the Dams Sector-Specific Agency (SSA) in the Office of Infrastructure Protection.


The level of participation in the HSIN-CS Dams Portal is directly related to the structure of the Dams Sector ISE.

  • Level I Trusted Agent: Primary senior representative of a Dams Sector ISE member. Primary voting members of the Dams Sector Coordinating Council and Dams Government Coordinating Council are automatically considered Level I Trusted Agents.
  • Level II Trusted Agent: Secondary or alternate representatives.
  • Associate: Individuals who participate in the Dams Sector information-sharing processes, but are not designated as senior-level officials.


Each recognized member agency or organization of the Dams Sector ISE controls its own list of users. Agencies and organizations can submit additional requests for portal access through their corresponding Level I representative.

Access requests should be submitted by e-mail to, with the following information included for each individual nominated for access:

  • Name
  • Agency/Organization
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • HSIN Access Level

Individuals affiliated with other agencies or organizations seeking access on an ad-hoc basis should contact the Dams SSA for more information.

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Last Published Date: June 18, 2014
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