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Homero Guadagnino Video Transcript

Homero Guadagnino: Madame Secretary, Good morning, and hello from USCIS Seattle. My name is G [Homero], I am one of the Immigration Service Officers dedicated day-in and day-out. With your permission, does DHS have any immediate plans to incorporate solar, wind and geothermal technologies into DHS facilities? To cut overhead, and to, even, gain a profit? That question I ask you, Madame Secretary. From Seattle USCIS. Thank you.

Secretary Napolitano: Thanks for that question. We are already using cutting-edge technologies where we can. For example,the Coast Guard recently built a facility that uses very cutting-edge energy technology and the new Coast Guard headquarters at Saint E's uses a lot of solar technology, but also building materials and the like designed to decrease our energy footprint. So anytime we have the ability to do that we want to do that we want to be smart users of energy and we want to make sure that we are always leading the way where we can.



Last Published Date: January 18, 2013

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