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Margaret Roberts Video Transcript

Margaret Roberts: My name is Margaret Roberts, I'm a Transportation Security Manager with TSA in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Madame Secretary, what do you envision the TSA accomplishing over the next 5 years as an active member of the DHS family, and what do you think that path will look like?

Secretary Napolitano: I think the future of the TSA is very bright, because I think the TSA has made a key adjustment -- moving to an intelligence and risk-based strategy for how we move passengers and cargo, particularly through the aviation environment. What I hope is that we continue to focus on security and the movement of passengers and cargo. That we continue to look at new and cutting-edge technologies that will help that passage. That we recognize that we have to hit the right balance between security requirements and ease-of-flow through what is the world's largest and most complicated transportation infrastructure.

What I see is continued focus on the things we're already doing, but speeding it up. More risk-based, more Trusted Traveler Programs like Pre-Check, more trusted shipper programs, like we're doing with high-risk cargo. More use of cutting-edge technology, like we're doing with the revisions to the AIT technology. And as we do that, I think we will see that the entire experience for passengers
should get easier.


Last Published Date: January 17, 2013
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