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Methodology Technical Implementation (MTI)

The VCAT vulnerability analysis section produces a bar graph depicting a chemical facility’s security posture and susceptibility to a wide-range of vulnerabilities, including chemical release, theft, fire, and facility contamination.

As part of the Infrastructure Information Collection Division (IICD), the Methodology Technical Implementation (MTI) team partners with the 18 critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR) sectors  to integrate risk-based assessment methodologies into automated, Web-based tools.

The MTI team works with stakeholders and sector partners to address the unique needs of each sector by helping to identify and define specific requirements for developing tailored risk assessment tools. MTI leverages existing methodologies and tools, and provides technical and programmatic oversight to ensure that sector assessment tools align with the Office of Infrastructure Protection’s vulnerability assessment requirements, as well as with other industry and government technical and security standards. 

Risk Assessment Tools

The Commercial Facilities and Chemical sectors have partnered with the MTI team to develop and implement the following tools to assess risk in their sectors:  

  • Risk Self Assessment Tool (RSAT) is used by stadium and arena managers in the Commercial Facilities sector to evaluate existing security strengths, identify the most vulnerable areas and provide options for enhancing the facility’s overall security.
  • Voluntary Chemical Assessment Tool (VCAT) is intended for use by non-regulated chemical facilities in the Chemical sector to help owners and operators identify security gaps, determine the facility’s current risk level and conduct cost-benefit analysis of options for enhancing the facility’s security posture.

Additionally, the Critical Manufacturing, Dams, Emergency Services, Food and Agriculture and Water sectors are also working with the MTI team to develop tailored, sector-specific assessment tools.

Contact us to learn more about how MTI can assist with developing risk and vulnerability tools.


MTI Project Team
Infrastructure Information Collection Division
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Last Published Date: February 28, 2013
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