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NBAF Environmental Impact Statement Appendix H (Comment Response Document)

How to Find a Comment and Department Response

Instructions for how to locate a specific comment that was submitted on the NBAF Draft EIS and the associated Department response are located in the Section 1.4 of Appendix H, available from the link below:

After you have identified the file name where your comment is located, navigate to the page below and click on that file name to find the comment and the Department response. Please note that Chapter 2 of Appendix H is not readable by accessibility software due to its format.  If assistance is required to read this document, please contact the Department via e-mail at

The Department received a small number of comment documents that were postmarked before the end of the comment period (August 25, 2008), but were not delivered to the NBAF Program Office in time for publication in the CRD.  The Department did consider the comments and posted the comments and responses in the following file:

Last Published Date: July 18, 2013
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