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September 22, 2014 —

Today’s story in The Washington Post, “Turnover at the top has DHS unsettled,” is about the past and disregards the present. The story’s portrayal of the Department of Homeland Security is unrecognizable to anyone acquainted with the remarkable reconstruction of this agency over the last nine months. In fact, over the last nine months there have been 12 presidential appointments to senior-level positions in this Department. Each of these appointees have pledged to serve until at least the end of this Administration. In fact, 90 percent of all positions at the SES level and above across this 240,000-person Department are now filled. This turnaround is almost entirely disregarded by the Post, as it is compressed into just two paragraphs in a 56-paragraph story. It is unfortunate that the Post overlooked this remarkable and unprecedented change to new and stable leadership, and the speed with which it has occurred. In fact, our new leaders include:

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