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Resolve to be Resilient in the New Year

Caitlin A. Durkovich, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection
Assistant Secretary

Resilience and modernization are essential to sustaining and enhancing critical infrastructure. For these systems, that means thinking differently about how we build and enhance our infrastructure so that we prepare for potential threats and a constantly evolving environment. One of our missions at DHS is to raise awareness of critical infrastructure protection by conducting exercises with government and infrastructure owners and operators as well as gathering and analyzing data from incidents to improve planning and response efforts going forward.

A safe, secure, and resilient infrastructure where the American way of life can thrive is a shared responsibility.  It will take government, critical infrastructure owners and operators, and the general public all working together. As 2012 and Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Month come to a close, we encourage all of our partners to reaffirm their commitment to strengthen, protect and modernize our nation’s critical infrastructure in the New Year.

Looking ahead to 2013, we will continue working together to advance our nation's most pressing short and long-term infrastructure needs, including enhancing the resiliency of the electrical grid, upgrading our water and transportation infrastructure, and strengthening the security of our chemical and nuclear facilities.

Find out how you can get involved in the New Year to help keep our nation safer and more secure for all of us. For more information about the DHS’s critical infrastructure protection and resilience programs, training, and resources visit

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