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Office of Biometric Identity Management Biometric Procedures: Applicability to Canadian Citizens

Most citizens of Canada are not subject to the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM), formerly US-VISIT, including:

  • Canadian citizens who are visa-exempt.
  • Canadian citizens traveling on Canadian passports with diplomatic visas or visas for international organizations (A, G or NATO).
  • Canadian citizens who are studying or working in the United States, who normally do not have non-immigrant visa in their passports.
  • Children under 14 and people over the age of 79.
  • Applicants for admission at primary vehicle inspection presenting a valid, unexpired, multiple-entry Form I-94 may be admitted without being subject to secondary inspection even if the applicant is not yet enrolled in OBIM.  

    Note: Customs and Border Protection Officers retain the discretion to refer a visitor for OBIM processing as part of the inspections process if there is a concern about the nature of travel.

Canadians who are subject to the OBIM program include:

  • Citizens of Canada applying for admission with a non-immigrant visa such as Canadian citizens with K visas (fiancés) and E visas (treaty trade investors).
  • Canadian permanent residents. Under U.S. regulations, Canadian permanent residents are identified by their citizenship (i.e., the nationality of the passport that they carry), not by the fact that they may be permanently residing in another country such as Canada.
  • Canadians with dual nationality who present a non-Canadian passport when seeking to enter the United States.

Others who are subject to the OBIM process include:

Last Published Date: July 3, 2013
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