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Preparedness Transcript

Michael O. Scott, FEMA: How is DHS improving individual preparedness among Americans and will FEMA be taking the lead on this initiative?

Secretary Napolitano: Michael, in FEMA and throughout the department we continue to stress the whole community approach to disaster response, realizing that no matter how good we are as a department or how good FEMA is there's always more that can be done and disaster preparedness does begin with each individual. So it's things like continuing to publicize the website. It's working on educating particularly our young kids on what they can do for their own family preparedness. It's making sure that we have good outreach into communities across the country, emphasizing the kinds of steps that people can take so they can take care of themselves and free us up to take care in the immediate aftermath of a disaster with those who need our help the most.

Last Published Date: April 11, 2013
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