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Plum Island Animal Disease Center News and Research

Scenic Lake at Plum Island Animal Disease Research Center

Press Release

New Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccine Gets Licensed for Use on Cattle

News Release

A Disease You've Probably Never Heard of Destroyed Cattle, Starved Millions, and Brought Down Empires before Tufts Veterinarians Wiped it off the Face of the Earth:

BBC News visits Plum Island:

Dreaded “Cattle Plague” Disease Eradicated:

LA Times article on FMD vaccine:,0,1856834.story

Rinderpest Eradication: Appropriate Technology and Social Innovations (Science 14 September 2012):

S&T Snapshot on FMD vaccine license:

S&T Snapshot on The Plum Island Story:

USDA Scientists at Plum Island Discover how FMD Infection Begins in Cattle:

USDA Agricultural Research Service article on Plum Island:

Vaccine Offers New Control Options for FMD:

YSPH Alumnus Plays a Pivotal Role in Eradicating Rinderpest Disease:

Published Research

Plum Island Agricultural Research Service publications:

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