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Aug 24

DHS S&T Cyber Security Division awards $759,727 contract to University of North Carolina (UNC Charlotte) to work on mobile security research in next-generation mobile security management tools.

S&T Provides Cybersecurity Solutions to Financial Sector

Dr. Brothers

It wasn’t too long ago that computers were big, bulky, and never intended for individual use.  But today, the global society is dependent on computers, the Internet, and all of the technology and connectivity that accompany them.  The technology industry has exploded into an enormous landscape of computer systems and networks, from connected control systems and personal computers to smart devices and the Internet of Things.  Even our critical infrastructure operations – like finance and utilities – depend on these robust systems to provide society with everyday conveniences and necessities, from turning on the lights, to having clean drinking water to processing payments online. 

As these networks became interconnected and grew larger and larger, the pace of technology advances left our systems and information vulnerable to malicious attacks.   Providing security solutions to protect our nation has always been a top priority for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T).  We work closely with critical infrastructure sectors—including the financial sector – to provide innovative technology solutions to keep our banks and investments safe from emerging threats and attacks. 

I am pleased to announce progress from two of our cyber programs that work closely with the financial sector: the Transition to Practice (TTP) and Next Generation Cyber Infrastructure (NGCI) Apex projects. 

On Aug. 19 the TTP program will showcase 15 novel technologies, developed by Department of Defense and Department of Energy national laboratories, with the plan that the finance sector will adopt these technologies into the industry. If you are cybersecurity professional in the financial sector and are looking for technologies to address your organization’s security challenges, I encourage you to register.

The NGCI Apex – just launched earlier this summer – is a long-term innovative project that was created to address our current and future nation’s security needs. Partnered with the Department of Treasury, DHS’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, and the U.S. Secret Service, S&T will collaborate closely with the finance sector to develop tools that can help financial institutions defend itself from cyber threats.  Once successful, this project will apply best practices to other critical sectors to help safeguard vital networks and systems. 

Ensuring our critical infrastructure stays operational will always be one of our primary focuses. If you work in critical infrastructure and aren’t partnered with us, I encourage you to engage our Cyber Security Division to start the conversation today about how we can help you.  Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we need to work together to develop solutions to combat threats and attacks that continue to loom over our nation.

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