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Commercialization Office Resources

The following documents provide background information on the Science and Technology Directorate's (S&T) Commercialization Office and our many programs. These files provide insight into the development of detailed operational requirements documents and how we are working to leverage our relationship with the private sector to benefit the nation:

  • Developing Operational Requirements (PDF, 353 pages  14.7 MB) is a book written to assist in the communication of needs. The development of detailed operational requirements ensures that efficacious products, systems or services are developed to address specific, well-articulated needs.
  • Harnessing the Valuable Experience and Resources of the Private Sector for the Public Good Version 2 (PDF, 681 pages  15.5 MB) is a compilation of resources produced by the Private Sector Office and Commercialization Office into a simple single-source document. This resource contains numerous briefs, articles, requirements development books and other useful documents.
  • Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Requirements Development (PDF, 423 pages  14 MB) is a resource for critical infrastructure and key resource owners and operators to learn about the requirements process and the roles of the department's various components partnering to deliver solutions to their needs.
  • Innovative Public-Private Partnerships (PDF, 44 pages  999 KB) outlines the role that public-private partnerships have played in the history of the United States and their importance to the future of technological advancements in areas such as homeland security.

Private Sector Outreach

Our goal is to notify the private sector about opportunities that exist for partnership and business development opportunities to address the needs of DHS and our stakeholders. Below are several articles that we have written explaining the many ways that you can do business with DHS.


For more information about the Commercialization Office resources or Commercialization Office, please email or call (202) 254-6749. 

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