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International Cooperative Programs Office

As security challenges continue to emerge and evolve, the International Cooperative Programs Office (ICPO) develops partnerships with foreign governments and international organizations to enhance scientific and technical knowledge for the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE). These partnerships will provide the HSE with access to innovative research and development knowledge, funding and other unique capabilities and resources.

ICPO currently manages S&T’s partnerships with Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the European Commission.

Crosscutting Capabilities

As part of the Research and Development Partnerships Group, ICPO provides its clients and stakeholders services that contribute to the crosscutting capability areas in the following ways:

  • Technology Foraging – Maintains an understanding of international capabilities and investments by foreign government agencies, for-profit business entities, academic institutions and non-profit entities that can be leveraged by the HSE and evaluated as part of program planning.
  • Transition and Commercialization – Identifies international prototypes and demonstrators that may be suitable for the HSE and evaluated as part of program planning.
  • Laboratory Facilities and Products – Identifies the existence of innovative, international research laboratories that can be utilized by the HSE and evaluated as part of program planning.
  • RDP Event Monitoring and Technical Support – Facilitates connections between science and technology programs and networks for rapid information sharing between the HSE and foreign government agencies in response to emerging needs, urgent requests and daily information requirements.
  • Partnership Coordination – Plans, prioritizes and executes bilateral meetings with foreign partners on behalf of S&T executives to review the status of ongoing projects, exchange current priorities and examine the potential for future collaboration.
  • Sponsored Research and Development – Facilitates the development of legal mechanisms that support international collaboration between the HSE and S&T’s 13 bilateral partners.


ICPO was established in accordance with Title 6 U.S. Code Section 195c (“Promoting antiterrorism through international cooperation program”).


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