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Homeland Security

Science & Technology Directorate Mission, Goals, and Objectives


To strengthen America’s security and resiliency by providing knowledge products and innovative technology solutions for the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE).

Goal 1

Rapidly develop and deliver knowledge, analyses, and innovative solutions that advance the mission of the Department.


  • Provide knowledge, technologies, and science-based solutions that are integrated into homeland security operations, employing DHS’s new, integrated investment lifecycle process
  • Strengthen relationships with DHS components and the first responder community to better understand and address their requirements
  • Focus on high-priority needs, through rigorous project selection and regular review of the entire research and development portfolio

Goal 2

Leverage technical expertise to assist DHS components’ efforts to establish operational requirements and select and acquire needed technologies.


  • Use the Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T) technical expertise to provide analytical support to DHS
  • Implement processes that strengthen project management, evaluation, and accountability within the directorate
  • Incent owners of critical infrastructure and key resources to adopt technologies that reduce vulnerabilities and increase resilience

Goal 3

Strengthen the HSE and first responder’s capabilities to protect the homeland and respond to disasters.


  • Create high-impact technologies and knowledge products – such as standards and protocols – that facilitate the safety, effectiveness, and ease with which first responders do their work
  • Provide the link between operators in the field and the evolving world of research and development
  • Increase first responders’ access to information on best practices and product performance standards

Goal 4

Conduct, catalyze, and survey scientific discoveries and inventions relevant to existing and emerging homeland security challenges.


  • Leverage the investment and expertise of other government agencies, the private sector, academia, and international partners
  • Leverage academia to address homeland security needs and nurture the future technical workforce of the HSE
  • Participate in ongoing federal interagency efforts at both the policy and programmatic levels
  • Execute bilateral agreements to leverage funds, manpower, and facilities in support of the mission
  • Encourage the private sector, with a focus on small business engagement, to develop technologies relevant to the HSE
  • Improve S&T’s knowledge and use of relative national and international research and facilities with a focus on Department of Energy (DOE) National Labs and DOE efforts
  • Leverage the scientific expertise, knowledge, and capabilities of the S&T labs, as well as the DOE and international laboratories, to provide advanced and innovative knowledge, analyses, and solutions in support of the HSE
  • Ensure effective construction and utilization of S&T laboratories in support of homeland security missions

Goal 5

Foster a culture of innovation and learning, in S&T and across DHS, that addresses challenges with scientific, analytic, and technical rigor.


  • Evolve the understanding of current and future homeland security risks and opportunities and foster a culture of innovation
  • Increase S&T and the Department’s awareness of cutting-edge research and technology developments pertinent to DHS missions
  • Promote a culture of openness, continual learning, innovation, and collaboration within S&T and across DHS
  • Internally promote synergies and eliminate programmatic redundancies by creating mechanisms and processes to increase information sharing


Last Published Date: April 1, 2013

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