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SHAred RESources (SHARES) Interference Report

Reporting procedures for radio interference, within the SHARES Program, will take one of three routes:

1) If the interference is taking place on a SHARES dedicated frequency, then the SHARES Radio Interference Form should be filled out and mailed to the SHARES Program Office (SPO):

                      Department of Homeland Security
                      Attn: SHARES Project Manager
                      245 Murray Lane
                      Washington, DC 20598-0616

2) If the interference is taking place on a frequency used for SHARES purposes, but owned by a Federal entity, then the SHARES Radio Inference Form should be forwarded to that Federal entity’s Radio Frequency Manager for action. A copy of this report should also go to the SPO. The SPO will ensure that a copy of the report will be forwarded to other Federal entities as required.

3) You may also report radio interferences to

You can download a copy of the SHARES Interference Report from the SHARES publications library.



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