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Science and Technology Directorate Commercialization Office


The mission of the Science and Technology Directorate's (S&T) Commercialization Office is to develop and execute programs and processes that identify, evaluate, and commercialize privately owned technologies into products or services that meet the detailed needs of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) stakeholders. These stakeholders include DHS operating components and, importantly, end users such as the nation's first responders, and critical infrastructure owner/operators.

Additionally, the Commercialization Office conducts extensive outreach efforts with the private sector to establish and foster mutually beneficial working relationships leading to the fielding of products or services to secure the nation.


In fulfillment of its mission, the Commercialization Office has created vehicles to leverage the sizeable DHS stakeholder community and significant potential business opportunities across the DHS marketplace to address the needs and requirements of the many DHS stakeholders. The Commercialization Office provides new ways for DHS to foster public-private partnerships to the benefit of the American taxpayer, private sector and public sector. These partnerships increase the speed-of-execution, efficiency and effectiveness of DHS.

The Commercialization Office has organized the following initiatives to communicate DHS component and stakeholder requirements so the best technologies and services are developed for DHS:

Private Sector Outreach: The Commercialization Office spearheads many outreach efforts to inform the public and industry on “How to do Business with DHS.” Outreach efforts are conducted through a multitude of venues – in order to reach small, medium and large businesses. The Commercialization Office also regularly meets with minority, disadvantaged, and HUB Zone groups to establish mutually-beneficial partnerships. This outreach also affords businesses the opportunity to provide the Commercialization Office with information on their respective capabilities, products and services.  This information can then be communicated within DHS in order to improve awareness of technologies that can be adapted or adopted for use by homeland security operators and end users.

  • Full Response Package: The Research & Development Partnerships Group at DHS S&T is responsible for initiatives that identify, evaluate and commercialize technology for the specific goal of rapidly developing and deploying products and services that meet the specific operational requirements of the Department of Homeland Security's operating components and other stakeholders such as the First Responder Community. The DHS S&T Full Response Package provides details to a variety of business and engagement opportunities that may be of interest. The Full Response Package contains several files that will provide background information on new initiatives that have been enacted at DHS S&T. For more details, please visit the Full Response Package website.

Commercialization Process: The Commercialization Office facilitates processes that proactively leverage engagement with the private sector in order to leverage shared expertise, capabilities and resources to enhance capability development. This process includes commercialization planning and identifying strategic partners who will be able to provide the necessary expertise to overcome the myriad of challenges to transition and deployment.

Public-Private Partnerships Program: The Commercialization Office has created an environment that thrives on establishing and tapping into networks and expertise that can improve the development and fielding of technologies for the homeland security enterprise. For example, the Commercialization Office has entered into formal agreements with organizations across the private sector, academia and within government that enable information sharing.  Moreover, the office interacts with industry associations, venture capitalists and other investors in order to gather a more complete understanding of given markets.

Memorandum of Understanding: In an effort to promote the adaptation of technological innovation for use at the Federal, state, and local levels, DHS S&T has memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with a diverse collection of private sector entities. The MoUs set forth terms by which DHS S&T and the private sector groups will work towards furthering research, product development, commercialization, and facilitating economic development. The current DHS S&T MoU partners are:

  • AutoHarvest Foundation
  • General Dynamics EDGE Innovation Network
  • Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)
  • Massachusetts High Technology Council
  • Security Industry Association
  • TechComm


The Commercialization Office is led by the Acting Chief Commercialization Officer, Stephen Hancock. He is supported by the Industry Liaison, Pete Ladowicz.


The Commercialization Office creates and sustains a commercialization mindset within the Department to effectively leverage the Department’s needs and large potential available markets (and ancillary markets) to develop and distribute technology-based products and services to three major types of users:

  • Department components,
  • First responders, and
  • Critical infrastructure owners and operators.

Due to the large size of these potential available markets, there exist multiple opportunities to foster cooperative relationships with the private sector to develop products and services aligned to Department needs. The Commercialization Office provides a model for a significant change in how the federal government interacts with the private sector. This innovative new initiative allows the public and private sectors to work together – all to the benefit of the American taxpayers.

Learn more about the Commercialization Office by visiting our Commercialization Office Resources page, which includes articles, books and other background resources.


For more information on how to get involved with the Commercialization Office, please send an e-mail to, call us at (202)254-6428. 
Last Published Date: October 17, 2014
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