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Science and Technology Directorate Chemical Security Analysis Center


The Chemical Security Analysis Center (CSAC) in the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) provides chemical hazard data and assessment through characterization of current and emerging chemical threat materials and knowledge management. CSAC’s projects involve identifying current data gaps and developing methods to fill them using available information. CSAC serves as a repository of chemical threat characterization data that supports both CSAC’s customers and CSAC’s internal threat and vulnerability assessments, which require physical, chemical, and toxicological information. A rapid response Reachback capability provides expert analysis support in real-time evolving situations. The CSAC’s highest priority is to provide high quality products in the form of analyses and assessments in a continuous effort to protect the American homeland.


Dr. George Famini, Director

Mr. Adolfo Negron, Deputy Director


The S&T CSAC consists of four groups or teams that report directly to the Director:  1) the Hazard Analysis team, 2) Reachback, 3) the Chemical Terrorism Risk Assessment team, and 4) the Knowledge Management team. 

Core Scientific, Technical, and Evaluation Capabilities

CSAC scientific capabilities include:

  • Promote awareness and assessment through characterization of current and emerging chemical threats and agent knowledge management;
  • Analyze and integrate chemical threat characterization data, including toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and other chemicals of interest;
  • Conduct science-based risk assessments using physical, chemical, and toxicological information of threat and vulnerability;
  • Utilize knowledge management techniques to provide definition and direction for filling knowledge gaps;
  • Offer definition and direction to conduct forensic analysis based upon evidence from chemical terrorism;
  • Provide quick-response S&T based 24/7 Reachback that is comprehensive, verified and validated.
  • Fuse interagency knowledge management functions with evolving DHS all-hazard knowledge management. 


Ms. Jill Hawkins, telephone (410) 417- 0905

Last Published Date: October 16, 2014
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