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Science and Technology Directorate Year In Review

The DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) delivers new technological capabilities, operational process enhancements, and knowledge products to the Department of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Enterprise through its work with industry, government, and academia.

This mission is extraordinarily broad, yet the resources provided to accomplish it are extremely limited. Therefore, S&T must make careful judgments about where to invest and must ensure that these decisions reflect the strategic priorities of its stakeholders. Given the limited resources, S&T aims to rapidly transition new capabilities to the field; improve the operational effectiveness of DHS and the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) by gaining new efficiencies and acquiring new technologies; identify and meet top needs of first responder communities; encourage and leverage basic research related to HSE; and build an ecosystem of innovation within S&T.

Innovation is essential to offering solutions to many of the challenges confronting the Department. It requires a deep, precise understanding of the problem to be solved, and by building strong partnerships at the local, tribal, state, and federal level, we gain a deeper understanding of our stakeholders' needs, priorities and operational environments. With a closeness to the field that is unique to S&T, we understand the problems faced, identify solutions, and get there through technical and knowledge-based innovation.

DHS and the HSE need technology to protect the nation, and S&T is positioned to help provide the innovation necessary to accomplish this mission. Technology foraging discovers, adapts, and leverages technology solutions developed by other governmental and private-sector entities to address risks to our security. S&T's disciplined and comprehensive approach to technology foraging requires a thorough review of technologies identified as having the potential to meet the HSE's needs.

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Last Published Date: July 15, 2014

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