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Training Programs for Infrastructure Partners

The Department’s Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) offers a wide array of training programs and resources, free of charge, to government and private sector partners. These web-based classroom courses and training materials provide government officials and critical infrastructure owners and operators with the knowledge and skills needed to implement critical infrastructure protection and resilience activities.

Featured Training

Implementing Critical Infrastructure Protection Programs (IS-921)
Introduces those with critical infrastructure duties and responsibilities at the State, local, tribal, and territorial levels to the information they need and the resources available to them in the execution of the mission to protect and improve resilience in the Nation’s critical infrastructure.

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Workplace Security Awareness (IS-906)
Provides guidance to individuals and organizations on how to improve the security in the workplace. The training uses innovative multimedia scenarios and modules to illustrate potential security threats. Threat scenarios include: access & security control, criminal and suspicious activities, workplace violence, and cyber threats.

Active Shooter: What You Can Do (IS-907)
Provides guidance to managers and employees in order to respond to an active shooter situation. An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. Upon course completion, individuals will be able to:

  1. Describe the actions to take when confronted with an active shooter;
  2. Recognize potential workplace violence indicators;
  3. Describe actions to prevent and prepare for potential active shooter incidents, and;
  4. Describe how to manage the active shooter consequences.

More information on IS-906 and IS-907

Webinar: Surveillance Detection on the Job 
Offers information, tips, and tools employees can use to better arm themselves to detect suspicious behavior. This 90-minute online interactive session of video scenarios and commentary by a panel of experts will better prepare employees to guard against surveillance activities.

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Sector-Specific Critical Infrastructure Courses

The Sector-Specific Critical Infrastructure Courses page provides information and resources related to the protection and security of chemical facilities, commercial facilities, dams, emergency services, and nuclear facilities.

Certification Training

Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) Program
The PCII Authorized User Training is available in a self-paced, electronic Web-based module for qualifying individuals with a need to know access to PCII. For more information, contact the PCII Program Office at:

Critical Infrastructure Learning Series

One-hour, Web-based seminars that provide information on current topics and issues of interest to critical infrastructure owners and operators, government partners, and others. Register for updates from the Critical Infrastructure Learning Series.

For additional information about IP training, contact

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Infrastructure Protection and Resilience

The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) provides a framework for partnerships that enhance critical infrastructure protection and resilience and helps build a safer, more secure, and more resilient America. Training courses on the NIPP and related topics are hosted by the Emergency Management Institute within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

For more information about training resources, visit the Infrastructure Protection and Resilience training page.

Bombing Prevention Training

The Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP) develops tools to improve national preparedness for bombing threats at all levels of government, the public, and within the private sector. Course options, which can be found at the Office for Bombing Prevention page, include bombing prevention workshops, soft target awareness, and surveillance detection.

For more information, contact the Office for Bombing Prevention at

Infrastructure Protection Tools

Training is offered on several analytical tools for the infrastructure protection professional.

Integrated Common Analytical Viewer (iCAV) NextGen
Web-based training provides a comprehensive overview of the secure, Web-based, geospatial viewer that allows visualization of critical infrastructure. For more information, contact the iCAV Helpdesk at

Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS) Web-Based Training

Provides a comprehensive overview of the portal designed to help State and local emergency responders collect and organize critical infrastructure asset data. The training provides Read-only (analyst), Data Entry, and Asset Managers access to the portal. You can request more information on ACAMS training by email at

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