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Urban Blast Tool Demo


The animation above depicts a representative Urban Blast Tool session for a fictitious city in which the significant features of the Graphical User Interface are utilized. This includes:

  • Zooming, panning and rotating the model
  • Isolating individual buildings to display response information
  • Selecting threat magnitudes and locations
  • Calculating peak pressures and impulses
  • Rescaling the calculated peak pressures and impulses
  • Depicting likely zones of glass damage, column damage and Emergency Evacuation Rescue Recovery (EERR) damage in response to the depicted blast loads

The color coded graphics depict the magnitudes of peak pressure and impulse for regions of hazard that result from the specified vehicle-borne explosive threat. The animation highlights both the comprehensiveness of the tool and the intuitive simplicity of the software.

Last Published Date: October 16, 2014

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