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Ask the Secretary: Justin Hutchison, USSS

Thu, 01/03/2013 - 16:55


Question from "Ask the Secretary":

Are there any big changes to look forward to in the next year?


Justin Hutchinson: Hello, I'm Officer Justin Hutchison with the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division. Madame Secretary, my question is, are there any big changes to look forward to in the next year?

Secretary Napolitano: Well Justin, we are going to continue to move forward in so many different ways. As I look to the coming year I see continued rebuild after Hurricane Sandy and all the things we're doing there. Cyber security is going to be a big priority and how we make sure we have the capacity there to do what we need to do. Immigration reform and also how we continue to prioritize our immigration enforcement activities. Key Priorities.

There are a number of others as well. And one of the things that will help inform major change is the next Quadrennial Homeland Security Review. That process, known as the QHSR, is beginning. It is a so-called "bottom-up" process, we will be soliciting ideas from those of you who worked at DHS to what our priority should be, and how we should best accomplish our mission. As well as checking with our stakeholders and others as to how we should best do the work we are asked to do for the American people. We are going to continue the work on some of the things we've started, we're going to have some focuses as I've described for you, and again, the QHSR is going to help inform major change.

Last Published Date: July 30, 2015
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