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Working Groups, State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordinating Council

Working groups for the State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordinating Council, which works with the federal government and critical infrastructure/key resources owners to protect the nation's critical infrastructure.

Access Credentialing Working Group (ACWG)

The ACWG is responsible for reviewing all current national credentialing efforts including existing working groups and policies/guidelines.

The working group is responsible for providing recommendations on how to enhance the collaboration of all the existing credentialing efforts.

Automated Critical Asset Management System Working Group (ACAMSWG)

The ACAMSWG is responsible for reviewing and developing baseline training for the ACAMS program by providing the SLTT perspective in close collaboration with the Infrastructure Information Collection Division of the Department's Office of Infrastructure Protection.

This work includes, but is not limited to,

  • developing user requirements,
  • requesting technology to facilitate requirements, and
  • performing essential outreach to the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) critical infrastructure community for the ACAMS project.

Cybersecurity Working Group (CSWG)

The CSWG is responsible for developing guidance for and advocating on behalf of SLTT governments, in relation to efforts to enhance cybersecurity and resilience.

The working group also serves as the Council’s point of contact for Federal requests for input on cyber initiatives and proposals.  

Homeland Security Advisor Working Group (HSAWG)

The HSAWG is responsible for bridging any communication gaps that exist with the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisory Council (GHSAC). 

The working group is also responsible for incorporating state critical infrastructure protection managers into the SLTTGCC.

Information Sharing Working Group (ISWG)

The ISWG is responsible for monitoring and improving the critical infrastructure information sharing environment between federal, SLTT, and private sector partners as well as assisting in the development of collaborative partnerships and mechanisms to share critical infrastructure information.  They also facilitate the generation and collection of feedback on SLTTGCC and DHS initiatives and coordinate with the HITRAC and works to provide SLTT feedback and input on programs such as IRAPP and Virtual USA.

IP Gateway Working Group (IPGWG)

The IP Gateway WG is an integral part of the development of system requirements for the IP Gateway suite of tools and an advocate on behalf of SLTT governments, in relation to DHS’ efforts to undertake assessment tool integration and broader data sharing and analytics and implement initiatives in support of broader information sharing and data analysis.

The working group also serves as the Council’s point of contact for Federal requests for input on physical security assessment tools and proposals.

Policy and Planning Working Group (PPWG)

The PPWG is responsible for reviewing and providing feedback to the Department regarding federal and SLTT guidelines regarding critical infrastructure protection.

In particular, the PPWG considers how these guidelines interact with SLTT efforts in order to help ensure the smooth implementation of actionable national critical infrastructure policies conducive to successful federal and SLTT critical infrastructure protection efforts.

This mission entails detailed PPWG review of national plans and strategies such as the NIPP Sector Specific Plans (SSPs), the National Response Framework, and the National Annual CIKR Report to provide feedback and input from the SLTT perspective.

Regional Resiliency Assessment Program Working Group (RRAPWG)

The RRAPWG serves as an open line of communication between the state officials undertaking RRAPs and DHS representatives executing the program.

The working group is responsible for collaborating to devise solutions for problems with the RRAP in order to make the RRAP worthwhile for all states.
State Asset Criteria Working Group (SACWG)

The SACWG was created to help develop best practices for establishing prioritization criteria for critical infrastructure sites, facilities, and assets within an SLTT jurisdiction.

The working group’s goal is to provide flexible guidelines that can apply to State and local governments in all phases of the prioritization process.

Tribal and Territorial Working Group (TTWG)

The TTWG was created to help raise awareness of issues specific to tribal nations and territories.

They are responsible for creating greater visibility of tribal and territorial viewpoints and needs within the Partnership and beyond.

Last Published Date: September 21, 2015

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