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Zong Yang Video Transcript

Secretary Napolitano: Hi, I'm Secretary Janet Napolitano. I'm proud to see so much interest in our shared future and success.We've had a number of questions come in from across the Department, around the country and from every level of service. Let's go right to the first question.

Zong Yang: Hi Secretary Napolitano, my name is Zong Yang. I am a Human Resources Assistant at the Minneapolis Hiring Center with Customs and Border Protection, located in Bloomington, Minnesota.We know that DHS supports a diverse workforce. How can we keep management, leaders, and program offices accountable and active to really see this advantage take off?

Secretary Napolitano: Thanks Zong. A couple of things Number . We highly value diversity and really drawing our workforce from the broad array of people in the United States who want to join in our mission of protecting the country. So, we look at recruitment, we look at retention, we look at training supervisors on how to do recruitment and retention.

We ask you to help us and reach out to those who might want to come work for us as we protect the country. We have the highest percentage of hispanics in the federal workforce -- about twenty percent. Over 55,000 of our workforce are veteransand that's a really highly-valued part of the workforce. We want to move more into, not just in the workforce in general, but in the leadership positions in the Department. So it's something I pay a lot of attention to, the Department heads pay a lot of attention to, and all the way down to the field, we really place a value on making sure that we recruit in a diverse way, and we retain and promote in a diverse way.

Last Published Date: January 17, 2013
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