Aug 4

On the Coast Guard’s 230th birthday—and everyday—Coast Guard women and men facilitate commerce in our ports and waterways; interdict illegal drugs at sea; patrol our coasts and protect our harbors and waterways; enforce laws and international treaties, and project sovereignty in the High Latitudes; and save lives.

Aug 3

Sunday night marked the first night in over 60 days during which rioters did not attack federal property in Portland.

Aug 2

While the violence is receding, DHS will remain faithful to its mission to protect federal property and personnel.

Aug 1

While the violence is abating, DHS’s enhanced presence on the ground will remain for the time being until the Department determines that the courthouse and other federal property are safe.

Jul 31

After weeks of violent rioting and nightly attacks, federal officers in Portland saw their first night of state and local law enforcement support and relative peace in the vicinity of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

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