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CyberSavvy 01-30 – Unsecured Networks

Duration: 0:30


This PSA outlines the dangers of connecting to the Internet using an unsecured network. It opens with two people using free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, and ends with sharing the specific risks involved with using an unsecured network.


Female: I love the free Wi-Fi here at the coffee shop.

Male: I know it’s so fast!

Female: I can get all my bills paid before I go to work. Just have to log into my bank accounts and…

(Siren sounds)

Second Male: Stop, put down the mouse, and step away from the keyboard.

Third Male: Ok, so maybe sirens won’t go off when you log in through an unsecured network, but maybe they should. Unsecured networks allow other people to look at your connection and steal your personal and financial information.

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Last Published Date: December 17, 2013
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