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CyberSavvy 02-30 – Internet Fraud

Duration: 0:31


This PSA outlines the risks involved with sending you personal information to unidentified sources on the Internet. It opens with a couple discussing an email they received requesting their credit card information and closes with information on how internet thieves can use that information to steal your identity.


Female: Hey honey, what are you doing?

Male: I just got an email that says we won a thousand dollar gift certificate from our favorite store! All they need is our credit number and…

Female: Wait, you’re not doing it are you?

(Siren sounds)

Second Male: Stop, put down the mouse, and step away from the keyboard.

Third Male: Ok, so maybe sirens won’t go off when you send someone your personal information, but maybe they should. Internet thieves can dupe you into divulging passwords, credit card numbers, or your mother’s maiden name and use that information to steal your identity and your cash.

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Last Published Date: December 17, 2013
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