National Critical Functions Set

National Critical Functions Set

National Critical Functions: The functions of government and the private sector so vital to the United States that their disruption, corruption, or dysfunction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or any combination thereof.

National Critical Functions

  • Operate Core Network
  • Provide Cable Access Network Services
  • Provide Internet Based Content, Information, and Communication Services
  • Provide Internet Routing, Access, and Connection Services
  • Provide Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Services
  • Provide Radio Broadcast Access Network Services
  • Provide Satellite Access Network Services
  • Provide Wireless Access Network Services
  • Provide Wireline Access Network Services
  • Distribute Electricity
  • Maintain Supply Chains
  • Transmit Electricity
  • Transport Cargo and Passengers by Air
  • Transport Cargo and Passengers by Rail
  • Transport Cargo and Passengers by Road
  • Transport Cargo and Passengers by Vessel
  • Transport Materials by Pipeline
  • Transport Passengers by Mass Transit
  • Conduct Elections
  • Develop and Maintain Public Works and Services
  • Educate and Train
  • Enforce Law
  • Maintain Access to Medical Records
  • Manage Hazardous Materials
  • Manage Wastewater
  • Operate Government
  • Perform Cyber Incident Management Capabilities
  • Prepare for and Manage Emergencies
  • Preserve Constitutional Rights
  • Protect Sensitive Information
  • Provide and Maintain Infrastructure
  • Provide Capital Markets and Investment Activities
  • Provide Consumer and Commercial Banking Services
  • Provide Funding and Liquidity Services
  • Provide Identity Management and Associated Trust Support Services
  • Provide Insurance Services
  • Provide Medical Care
  • Provide Payment, Clearing, and Settlement Services
  • Provide Public Safety
  • Provide Wholesale Funding
  • Store Fuel and Maintain Reserves
  • Support Community Health
  • Exploration and Extraction Of Fuels
  • Fuel Refining and Processing Fuels
  • Generate Electricity
  • Manufacture Equipment
  • Produce and Provide Agricultural Products and
  • Produce and Provide Human and Animal Food Products and Services
  • Produce Chemicals
  • Provide Metals and Materials
  • Provide Housing
  • Provide Information Technology Products and
  • Provide Materiel and Operational Support to Defense
  • Research and Development
  • Supply Water


The National Risk Management Center (NRMC) is a planning, analysis, and collaboration center working to identify, analyze, prioritize, and manage the most strategic risks to the Nation’s critical infrastructure. For more information, contact or visit

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