Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces

Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces

Soft Targets and Crowded Places (ST-CPs), such as sports venues, shopping venues, schools, and transportation systems, are locations that are easily accessible to large numbers of people and that have limited security or protective measures in place making them vulnerable to attack. DHS has been working for many years to address ST-CP security and preparedness, with recent shifts in the threat landscape calling for renewed departmental focus on leveraging and maximizing its ST-CP security authorities, capabilities, and resources in an integrated and coordinated manner.

Security of Soft Targets and Crowded Places Resource Guide

Segments of our society are inherently open to the general public, and by nature of their purpose do not incorporate strict security measures. Given the increased emphasis by terrorists and other extremist actors to leverage less sophisticated methods to inflict harm in public areas, it is vital that the public and private sectors collaborate to enhance security of locations such as transportation centers, parks, restaurants, shopping centers, special event venues, and similar facilities. This guide is a catalog of IP soft target resources, many of which were created in collaboration with our partners to ensure they are useful and reflective of the dynamic environment we live in.

Soft Targets and Crowded Places Security Plan Overview

The Department has developed a ST-CP Security Enhancement and Coordination Plan (Plan). This document, the DHS Soft Target and Crowded Places Security Plan Overview, is meant to provide interested members within the public and private sector—including representatives from industry; academia; associations; state, local, tribal and territorial governments; law enforcement; faith based communities; non-governmental organizations; and international partners—with an overview of the Plan through which the Department is coordinating its mission to enhance the security and resilience of ST-CPs across the United States.

Security and Resiliency Guide - Sports Leagues and Venues

The Security and Resiliency Guide (SRG) Sports Leagues and Venues annex is designed to help stakeholders take proactive steps to enhance their security and resiliency for potential IED incidents by providing guidance and resources consistent with broader all-hazards preparedness and risk management principles. Developed in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the guide integrates the contributions of numerous counter-IED (C-IED) subject matter experts, stakeholders, and professional communities. The Sports Leagues and Venues Annex provides tailored information specifically for security managers and staff as they seek to improve the preparedness of their venues.

Active Assailant Security Resources

The following active assailant action guides provide the critical infrastructure community with information regarding attack vectors used by terrorists and other extremist actors as well as corresponding suggested protective measures. The “Mass Gatherings: Take Charge of Your Personal Safety” action guide increases the general public’s understanding of the immediate actions that can be taken during an incident to mitigate its impact. This action guide can also serve as a poster for the critical infrastructure community to use during events.

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