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Media Contacts

Below, find contact information for media inquiries, agency press rooms, and the Office of Multimedia.

Media Inquiries - Headquarters

Last Published Date: August 21, 2020

Agency Press Rooms and Contact Numbers

Office of Multimedia

For years, artists from across the entertainment industry have sought the help of DHS to gain a better understanding of our Homeland Security mission. Our goal is an accurate portrayal of the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, and the skill, innovation, daring, and commitment to public service that defines them.

If you are an author, director, producer, screenwriter or other member of the entertainment industry working on a project that involves Homeland Security, the Department may be able to help you. The Office of Multimedia, Motion Pictures and Television is here to give greater authenticity to scripts, stories, video games and other products in development. Often this means answering questions, debunking myths, or arranging visits to DHS facilities to interact with the people working to keep America safe.

For information regarding assistance from the Department of Homeland Security in producing feature films/motion pictures, television programming, documentaries, books, and other multimedia projects, please contact the Office of Multimedia:

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