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The President's Biodefense Strategy

The President's Biodefense Strategy

As the president’s September 2018 National Biodefense Strategy states, “Health security means taking care of the American people in the face of biological threats to our homeland and to our interests abroad.”

DHS CWMD’s agreements at select U.S. airports were put in place to help ensure biodefense enterprise preparedness to reduce the impacts of bio-incidents, consistent with Goal 3 of the president’ s Strategy. Specifically, DHS CWMD put plans and capabilities in place to:

  1. Support CDC’s implementation of enhanced surveillance and public health measures for disease control; and,
  2. Routinely conduct and evaluate bio-incident response exercises.

DHS CWMD’s capabilities are now supporting the U.S. Government’s ability to rapidly respond to limit the impact of this bio-incident through coordinated response operations to contain, control, and rapidly mitigate impacts of COVID-19, consistent with Goal 4 of the president’s Strategy.

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Last Published Date: January 25, 2021

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