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Keeping It Meaningful: Messages from the Chief Procurement Officer

The latest news from Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa.

OCPO Publishes its First Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Annual Report         

Friday, June 22, 2018

I am pleased to announce the publication of our first ever Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) Annual Report!  As you enjoy reading it, you’ll find detailed information about the PIL framework and highlights of completed procurement projects, process improvements, and webinars. You’ll also find our Fiscal Year 2018 objectives and priorities and learn how to connect with the PIL. The report is accessible from the PIL homepage at

The PIL is promoting a learning culture by providing a framework for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acquisition community to test new ideas and share lessons learned. The work we’re doing in DHS to promote procurement innovation and managed risk-taking is gaining momentum. We want to document and share that momentum with our colleagues in DHS, other federal government agencies, and industry.

My organizational vision for DHS procurement professionals is to serve as “innovative and flexible business advisors delivering the right solutions to enable the DHS mission.” One of my key initiatives in support of that vision was the creation of the PIL. The idea behind the PIL is to create a safe environment to explore, test, and refine innovation in acquisition. It empowers all those involved in the procurement process—not just contracting officers—to take managed, informed risks to improve mission outcomes for DHS, increase efficiencies in procurement, and share and institutionalize best practices.

I thank everyone, from both government and industry, who has collaborated with the PIL thus far, and I look forward to further advancing a culture that embraces innovation at DHS!

OCPO to Host Second Leadership Interview Day

Thursday, June 14, 2018

On Monday, May 21, 2018, we hosted our first Leadership Interview Day with the theme "How the DHS Mission Attracts the Best Procurement Professionals." Due to the event’s overwhelming popularity and success, we have decided to host a second iteration! The June 25, 2018 recruiting event will again target federal procurement professionals. During the day, individuals from other federal agencies will have the opportunity to connect with, and hear directly from, the diverse and talented procurement leadership team across DHS Headquarters and Components. These leaders will share why they came to DHS and what inspires them daily. If you were among those waitlisted for our inaugural event, be sure to attend the next one! We thank everyone for their participation and we look forward to welcoming exceptional new members to the DHS procurement team.

  • Who: Federal GS-1102 Procurement Professionals
  • When: June 25, 2018, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • Where:  Homeland Security Acquisition Institute (HSAI)
    90 K St. NE, Suite 1200
    Washington, D.C.
  • Register:

DHS Earns "A+" for supporting Small Businesses

Thursday, May 31, 2018

I am proud to announce that DHS has earned a grade of “A+” from the Small Business Administration for our accomplishments supporting America’s small businesses in fiscal year 2017. This marks the ninth consecutive year that DHS has earned an “A” grade or higher on the annual scorecard. DHS is the only agency out of the seven agencies with the largest purchasing activity to realize such success.

Last fiscal year, DHS awarded 34.75 percent of total contracting dollars to small businesses, greatly exceeding the government-wide goal of 23 percent. These goals were reached due to the hard work of our small business team working hand‑in‑hand with our procurement and program office professionals who never forget that the “we” in the DHS mission statement includes our small business community. The achievement also reflects that DHS is doing more than simply meeting goals, we are getting the job done, in part, because of the support we receive from innovative small businesses who help DHS deliver our critical mission each day.

To everyone who has helped DHS realize this accomplishment, please accept my sincere gratitude and admiration. Well done!

Successful Leadership Interview Day

Monday, May 21, 2018

On Monday, May 21st, we hosted our first Leadership Interview Day with the theme "How the DHS Mission Attracts the Best Procurement Professionals."  This, first of its kind, recruiting event was targeted toward federal procurement professionals and it was a smashing success! Over 80 motivated individuals from other federal agencies had the opportunity to connect with, and hear directly from, the diverse and talented procurement leadership team across DHS and its components.  The heartfelt stories that were shared by our leaders about why they came to DHS and what inspires them daily, continually came back to mission. The event was so well received that we plan to host another similar event on June 25, 2018.  If you were among those waitlisted for our inaugural event, be sure to attend our next one!  We thank everyone for their participation, look forward to continuing the conversations, and hopefully, welcoming new members of the DHS procurement family!

Leadership Interview Day:  How the DHS Mission Attracts the Best Procurement Professionals

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Are you a motivated federal procurement professional (GS-1102) interested in career opportunities protecting the homeland? If so, we encourage you to attend our upcoming event where you can interview us about working at DHS. Join us for Leadership Interview Day: How the DHS Mission Attracts the Best Procurement Professionals. During the day, you will have the chance to speak with DHS procurement leadership from Headquarters and Components about their missions and career opportunities. This event is about learning, connecting, and attracting motivated people, like you, to help enable the DHS mission while enhancing your career. Please join us!

Space is Limited, Register no Later than May 11, 2018
Event Date: May 21, 2018, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The Homeland Security Acquisition Institute, 90 K St, NE, Washington DC., 12th Floor
Register at
If you have questions, please contact us at

OCPO to Host Career Booth at ACT‑IAC Acquisition Excellence on March 27, 2018

Thursday, March 22, 2018

How can YOU safeguard the American people, our homeland, and our values? You can join the DHS procurement team! Each year, DHS spends nearly $20 billion acquiring products and services that enable our mission. These dollars purchase mission‑critical products and services that support our front lines in law enforcement, disaster resilience, terrorism prevention, cybersecurity, and more. We are always on the lookout for smart, dedicated, and innovative procurement professionals to join our team at DHS.  Members of our procurement team will be on hand to discuss career opportunities at the ACT-IAC Acquisition Excellence event which is being held at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. Please stop by to say hello and learn a little about who we are and what we do!

2018 Archive

DHS Reverse Industry Day V: Advancing the Dialogue: Where Acquisition, Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology Intersect

Friday, February 16, 2018

By: Nina Ferraro, Acting Deputy Chief Procurement Officer

On January 31, 2018, we hosted our fifth Reverse Industry Day. These events provide a unique opportunity for industry representatives to share their perspectives on the federal acquisition environment with DHS acquisition professionals. The theme of this event was Where Acquisition, Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology Intersect, making it our first exclusive technology‑focused Reverse Industry Day. Our Office of the Chief Procurement Officer and Office of the Chief Information Officer worked collaboratively to host the event, which featured exciting topics including Rapid Acquisition of Cybersecurity Resources and Understanding Procurement Challenges to Technology Innovation.

As the Department’s Acting Deputy Chief Procurement Officer, I was honored to introduce the keynote address of the Honorable Claire M. Grady, Under Secretary for Management. She addressed an audience of over 500 of our acquisition professionals. Also attending were representatives from seven industry associations, four federal agencies, and one congressional committee. Also speaking during the day were William Bryan, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology; Dr. John Zangardi, Chief Information Officer; Martin Gross, Director of the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications; These leaders did an outstanding job setting the tone for our sessions, which were led by exceptional individuals from our industry community who were eager to teach the DHS acquisition workforce about their perspectives on critical topics. Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa was unable to attend, but upon hearing about the event’s success, she remarked, “With this group of speakers, and the exceptional work of our event planners, I knew it would be exceptional!”

Planning for the Department’s sixth Reverse Industry Day, focused on data center optimization, is already underway. We promote these events, and others like it, under the Department’s Acquisition Innovations in Motions (AIiM) framework. We launched AliM in 2015 to support Unity of Effort at DHS by creating recurring, meaningful engagements with industry designed to improve the manner in which DHS does business. For more information about acquisition‑focused activity at the Department please visit:

2017 Archive

DHS to Host Reverse Day V on January 31, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

I am proud and excited to announce that Reverse Industry Day V – Advancing the Dialogue: Where Acquisition, Innovation, Cybersecurity, and Technology Intersect will be held on January 31, 2018. The Honorable Claire M. Grady, Under Secretary for Management, will deliver the day’s keynote address. Reverse Industry Days have become a popular forum for industry to share with the DHS workforce their thoughts and recommendations on how to enhance the DHS acquisition environment. I initiated these events shortly after assuming the role of Chief Procurement Officer in 2015. At that time, I heard from industry that while we at DHS did a lot of talking to industry, we didn’t do enough listening. I resolved to change that by creating an environment where DHS personnel could observe panels of industry leaders sharing their challenges, concerns, and best practices when doing business with DHS. In planning this event, industry leaders, via their associations, voluntarily worked with our DHS team members to address topics that are timely, relevant, and significant to both industry and DHS.  The results from these events have been impressive, as each has received an approval rating of 95% or better. Through Reverse Industry Days, DHS acquisition professionals gain new insights into important topics such as how industry decides to pursue DHS acquisitions that support specific programs, and, more importantly, how they plan, capture, bid, and sometimes protest procurement actions. Based on this new insight, our acquisition team members are improving our documentation and business practices. DHS is quickly becoming a business partner of choice. Also notable is that other agencies have begun hosting their own Reverse Industry Days. As we prepare to host Reverse Industry Day V, I am happy to take this opportunity to recognize the hugely successful Reverse Industry Day initiative under the DHS Acquisition Innovations in Motion framework and to thank our DHS team and the volunteers from leading industry associations for making these events so successful!

Doubling Down on Unity of Effort at Strategic Industry Conversation III

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Last week, our DHS community was honored to join more than 400 private industry participants at our third annual Strategic Industry Conversation. We hold this event each year because we understand that industry is vital to supporting our mission. We know that fostering meaningful engagement activity helps industry keep the Department leaning forward when delivering mission‑critical products and services.

This year’s theme was Doubling Down on Unity of Effort. The spirit of this theme was on display throughout the day, beginning with the event’s opening remarks delivered by Deputy Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum, who began by highlighting the Department’s greatest mission challenges and opportunities. He then discussed the Management Directorate’s Integrated Priorities, which are a roadmap for mission enablement that will drive the Department’s business operations for the next five years. The Integrated Priorities focus on cross-cutting initiatives that lead to a more unified approach to the way we manage resources, acquire goods and services, secure systems and networks, and attract and hire talent. Following his remarks, a panel of DHS executives echoed his sentiments by providing concrete examples of how they work in a Unity of Effort each day to enable the DHS mission.

The day featured panels and networking sessions led by senior Department leaders who discussed mission-focused topics spanning the homeland security enterprise. Some topics, such as information technology and cybersecurity, were familiar to prior participants, while others, such as border security, received a new focus. Industry participants were able to engage with DHS leaders in a meaningful way. From beginning to end, industry representatives provided DHS leaders with constructive feedback they can use to ensure that industry’s perspective is incorporated into mission planning.

With events such as our Strategic Industry Conversations and others hosted under the Acquisition Innovations in Motion (AIiM) framework, the Department continues to demonstrate our commitment to engaging early, often, and meaningfully with industry in order to enhance outcomes for our critical mission areas while remaining a business partner of choice.

DHS Hosts Webinar about FLASH Procurement

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

After the cancellation of the Flexible Agile Solutions for the Homeland (FLASH) procurement, I committed to speaking openly and honestly with the FLASH offerors about the lessons learned.  On September 28, 2017, our Deputy Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum and Chief Technology Officer Michael Hermus joined me in presenting a Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) webinar about FLASH lessons learned for 179 individuals representing the 111 FLASH offerors. We were also fortunate to have the following FLASH experts join in:  Gary Hickey, Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Procurement Operations; Mike Palmer, Chair of the Technical Evaluation Committee; and Porsha Peele, Post-Award Contracting Officer. We discussed what worked, what didn’t, and the valuable lessons we learned that will help us do better next time. We also shared the feedback we received from industry during the surveys conducted by the PIL. Chip, Mike and I lauded the innovative spirit of the acquisition team and thanked industry for their participation in the process. While all of us were disappointed with the cancellation of FLASH, we all agree that DHS needs to continue using innovative approaches such as technical challenges, demonstrations, and in‑person presentations to streamline the acquisition process and acquire the right solutions to meet our mission needs. 

Visit DHS at the AUSA Meeting and Exposition

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Engaging with industry partners continues to be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security, which is why the Department has again established a Unity of Effort pavilion at this year’s Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting & Exposition (Hall A, #225).  The pavilion will be open for you to visit at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., from October 9-11, 2017.

The Unity of Effort pavilion showcases many homeland security missions that our business partners support, including forensics, immigration, cybersecurity, border security, transportation security,  law enforcement, emergency management, and research and development. 

The pavilion will also feature tech talks and demonstrations by leading subject matter experts. Additionally, human capital representatives will available to discuss job opportunities with the Department, focusing on careers in technology, cybersecurity, management, and law enforcement.

I invite you to join us and learn more about the Department of Homeland Security.

Tech Talks Schedule, October 10, 2017:

10:00-10:20: Addressing Evolving Threats through Strategic Advancements for Nuclear Detection; James McDonnell, Director, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office

10:30-11:30: Not Just the Same Old Technology, TSA’s Path to Innovation in Transportation Security; Transportation Security Administration Officials

11:40-12:00: Do Business with DHS; Kevin Boshears, Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

1:00-1:20: U.S. Border Patrol – Technology and the Wall; Ruynard Singleton, Executive Director (Acting), Program Management Office Directorate, United States Border Patrol; Kelly Good Associate Chief Patrol Agent United States Border Patrol; Loren Flossman, Director Air and Marine Operations, United States Border Patrol

1:30-1:50: U.S. Customs and Border Protection – Efforts to Implement Biometric Exit through Public-Private Partnerships with the Air Travel Industry and Transform the Traveler Experience; Dan Tanciar, Deputy Executive Director, Planning, Program Analysis, and Evaluation, Office of Field Operations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

2:10-2:30: Science and Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division: Investing in R&D to Secure our Digital Future; Doug Maughan, Director, Cyber Security Division

2:40-3:00: Science and Technology Directorate, Cyber Security Division: Securing Mobile Apps for the Warfighter; Vincent Sritapan, Mobile Security Program Manager, Cyber Security Division

3:10-3:30: Science and Technology Directorate, First Responders Group: Organizational Barriers in Implementing Emerging Tech Solutions; Rik Legault, PhD., Director, Office for Public Safety Research, First Responders Group Division

3:40-4:00: Science and Technology Directorate: Public, Private, Partnerships: Welcome to S&T’s Industry Guide; aligning needs with innovative tech solutions; Dee Parker, S&T Industry Liaison, Public Private Partnerships

4:10-4:30: Careers at DHS; Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer Representatives

Tech Talks Schedule, October 11, 2017:

10:00-10:20: U.S. Coast Guard Innovation Program; Commander Andy Howell, Innovation Manager, U.S. Coast Guard

10:30-10:50: USCIS: Using Technology to Meet Our Customer Service Needs; U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Officials

11:00-11:20: What DHS is Buying:  DHS Industry Liaisons; Carla Thomas, DHS Industry Liaison, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer; Component Industry Liaisons

11:30-11:50: Procurement Innovation Lab; Polly Hall, Strategy and Planning Lead, Procurement Innovation Lab, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer

Register for Strategic Industry Conversation III

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Registration for our third annual DHS Strategic Industry Conversation is open and I invite our industry partners to register here. This year’s event will be held in Washington, D.C. on October 19, 2017. This full-day event provides a venue for DHS leaders to discuss with industry program‑specific topics that span multiple Components and impact DHS Unity of Effort.

This year, the Honorable Claire M. Grady, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary for Management, will provide the event’s keynote remarks. Deputy Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum will kick off the plenary panel featuring the DHS C-suite discussing the Management Directorate’s integrated priorities. I look forward to being part of this panel discussion.

Mission areas of focus this year include cybersecurity, aviation security, border security, law enforcement, information technology, and threats to the homeland.

Information about the Department’s past Strategic Industry Conversations can be found here.

The Surge Capacity Force Called and We Answered

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When the Surge Capacity Force was activated in response to the recent hurricanes, OCPO employees answered the call! To date, eight members of the OCPO family are on SCF deployment to support FEMA. These individuals represent the best of OCPO. They have put aside the comforts of home to live under austere conditions in order to help their fellow citizens access critical services. Thanks to them, FEMA is better able to provide support that helps people recover from these disasters. On the home front, OCPO staff have also stepped up to help. For instance, staff from our Homeland Security Acquisition Institute worked hard to quickly identify Surge Capacity Force members who are also certified as contracting officer’s representatives. All OCPO employees are to be commended for their passion and compassion in support of disaster victims. I am proud of you all.

DHS at AFCEA Homeland Security Conference

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The annual AFCEA Homeland Security Conference brings together people responsible for the success of homeland security missions and enables the exchange of information about information technology, communications, and electronics. This year, the Honorable Claire M. Grady, Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary for Management, provided the first day’s keynote speech while Deputy Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum provided the second day’s keynote remarks. They were backed up by several DHS leaders who joined panel discussions, including myself and Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Director Kevin Boshears. Also on a panel were Component Heads of Contracting Activity Michael Derrios, Diane Sahakian, and Bill Weinberg. In the main hall, several DHS small business specialists staffed a booth and made meaningful connections with industry partners. Additionally, individuals from OCPO were recognized at the AFCEA Vigilance awards ceremony for their contributions to strengthening the homeland security enterprise.

OCPO Feeds Families

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Strong workplaces and strong communities go hand-in-hand, which is why OCPO, including OPO, was proud to once again make substantial contributions to the Feds Feed Families campaign. This year, OCPO contributed a combined weight of 1,141 pounds of food. Feds Feed Families was created to help food banks and pantries stay stocked during summer months when they traditionally see a decrease in donations and an increase in need. Thanks to all the members of the OCPO family who made generous contributions this year.

Acquisition of Disruptive Technologies, Solutions, and Services

Friday, August 11, 2017

Yesterday, I joined a distinguished panel sponsored by ACT-IAC to discuss the government’s use and acquisition of disruptive technologies, solutions, and services. My co-panelists and subject matter experts included Luke McCormack, former DHS CIO; Margie Graves, Acting Federal CIO; Bob Suda, President of Suda & Associates; and Nate Beuse, an Associate Administrator at the Department of Transportation. Jeff Nulf of NIC Federal moderated the panel, which followed a series of roundtable discussions. Each of these individuals demonstrated a passion for overcoming challenges while integrating innovative technologies into public and private policy, acquisition, and financial environments.

While participating, I was heartened by the camaraderie on this panel as we discussed our perspectives on the subject. The audience of participants in ACT-IAC Partner’s program was engaged with us the entire time, making it a particularly valuable event. Topics of discussion included how to learn from failure, foster cultural changes, and lead by example. I learned quite a bit while participating and I am confident that our panel left attendees with a better understanding of how to be successful as they strive to keep their agencies and organizations leaning forward with adopting technologies – however disruptive they may be.

Chicago Tour

Friday, July 28, 2017

Earlier this week, I joined several of our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) leaders for valuable teaching and learning opportunities in Chicago. First, members of the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer established a procurement innovation booth at the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress. The booth featured our procurement innovation board, were we invited anyone and everyone to contribute their ideas about improving the Department’s acquisition processes. We may incorporate some of these ideas into future Procurement Innovation Lab projects. Also during the World Congress, Policy and Acquisition Workforce Executive Director Laura Auletta and I led a breakout session where we discussed the great strides DHS is making in learning from procurement innovation projects. Later that day, I joined leaders from our DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s Silicon Valley Innovation Program for a tour of Chicago’s 1871 center. This center was created to support Chicago’s digital startup community. It has since become a hub for the city’s thriving technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Finally, we participated in a roundtable discussion sponsored by TechNexus. During the meeting, the DHS Chief Technology Officer, Science & Technology Directorate representatives, and I joined entrepreneurs and investors in a lively discussion about how industry and government can work together to innovate when solving homeland security challenges. Overall, the trip was an outstanding success and I want to thank everyone involved for making it so. I look forward to adopting many of the great ideas we found in Chicago!

Reverse Industry IV: Enhancing Communications to Drive Mission Excellence

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On June 28, 2017, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) successfully hosted our fourth Reverse Industry Day, which convened nearly 450 DHS acquisition professionals and industry representatives alike.

Reverse Industry Days provide a unique opportunity for industry representatives to share their perspectives on the federal acquisition environment with DHS acquisition professionals. At the most recent event, participants discussed teaming, debriefings, acquisition planning, performance incentives, and the difference between industry and government perspectives in these areas. Through this interactive discussion, industry and government professionals gained a better understanding of their respective business processes and the impact they have on each other. This dialogue leads to improvements in our acquisition environment.

We were honored to have Acting Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum provide keynote remarks at the event.  He explained that the “we” in the Department’s mission statement includes our industry partners who work alongside of us every day to protect the homeland. I was pleased to join him in recognizing our acquisition workforce’s achievements and discussing with the attendees the value that we in the Department place on promoting meaningful communication with our industry community.

Planning for the Department’s fifth Reverse Industry Day is already underway. We promote these events, and others like it, under the Department’s Acquisition Innovations in Motions (AIiM) framework. We launched AliM in 2015 to support Unity of Effort at DHS by creating recurring, meaningful engagements with industry designed to improve the manner in which DHS does business.

As the Department’s Chief Procurement Officer, I am committed to working with our industry partners to further improve industry-government collaboration. Our Reverse Industry Day events are just one example of our approach to industry engagement. Please join us as we continue to make DHS the best business partner in government.

For more information about acquisition focused activity at the Department please visit:

DHS Earns “A+” from the Small Business Administration

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Some of DHS’s most consistent success stories stem from our extraordinary accomplishments supporting America’s small businesses.  The most prominent symbol of this success comes each year as the Small Business Administration releases its annual scorecard and DHS earns an “A” grade or higher.  I am proud to report that DHS’s record continues as we have earned our eighth consecutive “A” grade or higher in a row, and our second “A+” grade!  DHS is the only agency out of the seven agencies with the largest purchasing activities to realize such success each year the Small Business Administration has issued its scorecard. Our small business accomplishments are a great example of DHS’s Unity of Effort and our strong emphasis on industry engagement.  Through the extensive collaboration of the contracting officials, small business experts, and program officials across DHS and our regular engagement with industry, we are able to continually identify the right small businesses to support the DHS mission.  In fiscal year 2016, about 16,000 companies representing all 50 states, Washington D.C., and five territories held DHS prime contracts.  About 10,500 of these companies are small businesses and about 2,200 of them secured their first DHS prime contract last year.   A heartfelt congratulations to the entire DHS Team!

CPO Participates in Management of Change Event

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

On Tuesday I had the privilege of participating in the ACT-IAC Management of Change event in Cambridge, Maryland.  As the moderator for the “Innovations in Procurement” panel, I hosted a panel of forward thinking leaders from government and industry to engage in a lively discussion about how innovative best practices are solving many challenges in our acquisition environment.  I would like to thank our DHS Acquisition Innovation Advocate Eric Cho for participating on the panel and for highlighting success stories from our Procurement Innovation Lab. I also take this opportunity to thank the other panelists, Dave Zvenyach from the General Services Administration, Josh Cohen from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Marc Pearl from the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council.  Each of these panelists added their unique perspective and considerable value to our discussion.  Many thanks to ACT-IAC for coordinating this event and providing a forum for government and industry to exchange ideas!

DHS and Industry Discuss “Effective Pricing Strategies in a Changing World”

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One of my priorities is to promote meaningful communications, and at our latest learning event, “Effective Pricing Strategies in a Changing World,” DHS and industry partners came together to share best practices, explore innovation opportunities, and understand business processes related to pricing.  Over 350 DHS employees and industry representatives participated in the Acquisition Innovations in Motion (AIiM) learning event which consisted of two panel discussions featuring pricing subject matter experts from DHS Headquarters, Components, and industry.

I want to emphasize one of the key takeaways from the event: early communications up‑front lead to better acquisition outcomes.  I value the phenomenal candid discussion that took place and the pricing strategies and tools that were shared.  DHS is committed to increasing the level and type of engagement with industry, and I look forward to our next major AIiM event, Reverse Industry Day IV!

DHS Celebrates Small Businesses at its 13th Annual Small Business Awards

Friday, April 14, 2017

Please join me in congratulating the small businesses and DHS employees that were recognized at the 13th Annual DHS Small Business Awards Ceremony!  Acting Under Secretary for Management Chip Fulghum and I were honored to present awards to sixteen small businesses for their exceptional achievements at each Component.  DHS Heads of Contracting Activity, Small Business team members, and several DHS employees were also recognized for their outstanding efforts to promote the small business program.

For seven consecutive years (FY2008 – FY2015), we have earned “A” grades on the annual Small Business Administration Scorecard.  The Components continue to make significant strides to achieve or exceed our goals in each of the small business categories.  But DHS’s Small Business Program is more than just meeting goals – it’s getting the mission delivered with the right companies.  I applaud the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that small businesses bring, and am inspired by how well our procurement and small business communities work together to protect our homeland while promoting efficiency and effectiveness throughout the procurement process.

Have you heard about our new Acquisition Training Satellite Campus at FLETC in Glynco, Georgia?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My staff in the Homeland Security Acquisition Institute (HSAI) effectively partnered with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) to establish a satellite campus known as HSAI-South East at the FLETC site in Glynco, Georgia.  The establishment of this satellite campus is a great example of the Department’s Unity of Effort in action, and I am extremely proud of the work that my staff and FLETC did to realize our vision and arrive at a solution for this project.

The HSAI-South East campus was designed to more efficiently provide mission‑critical training for FLETC and other local DHS acquisition workforce members rather than incurring expenses traveling to Washington, D.C.  The 24‑seat classroom is ideal for traditional classes, but also features technology that allows for distance instruction.  The institute has already hosted three courses since opening last December and plans to host up to 15 courses in FY 2018.  This classroom will pay dividends, not just in terms of cost avoidance, but also because it will provide our workforce members with the training they need to be highly effective managers of the Department’s acquisition portfolio.

Last Published Date: July 3, 2018

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