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2013 DHS S&T Cyber Security Division Principal Investigators’ (PI) Meeting

September 16-18 2013 | 8:30am – 5:30pm
Arlington, VA

The 2013 DHS S&T Cyber Security Division Principal Investigators’ (PI) Meeting  will be held in September 2013 in the Washington D.C. Metro Area. The purpose of the 2013 PI meeting is to allow the CSD Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) 11-02 contract Principal Investigator (PIs) awardees, in the Type I (New Technologies) through Type III (Mature Technologies) phases , the opportunity to collaborate and present their research and technologies to researchers and cyber security leadership from the Government, International Partners, Private Sector and Academia; allowing additional knowledge sharing, improvement of existing deployed technologies and transition of innovative research to safeguard cyberspace.

The PI meeting will also include presentations from Cyber Security Division performers in Type I (New Technologies, three year effort), Type II (Prototype Technologies, two year effort), Identity Management and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). These cyber technologies are not as mature as Type III technologies and will allow CSD to acquire additional collaboration within the cybersecurity research community and private sector, federal and international partners, allowing gaps to be closed and additional milestones to be developed. 

Each day of the meeting, specific cyber technologies/ topics will be discussed in mid-morning track sessions. After the close of the tracks, these technologies will showcase their technologies in a Technology Demonstration/ Poster session, allowing additional hands-on critique and ultimately allowing the awardees to interact one-on-one with a potential pilot partner. The meeting will also offer attendees cybersecurity breakout session topics, allowing for additional collaboration and networking opportunities.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Showcase (PIs) awardees to demonstrate cutting edge cyber security research technologies both near and medium term solutions.
  • Improve security in both the Federal and the larger Internet community by enhancing exciting deployed and developing new technologies for the detection, prevention and response to cyber attacks on the national’s critical information infrastructure.
  • To facilitate the transfer of these technologies into operational environments of the Federal government and private sector.

Day 1  September 16, 2013

General Session


Doug Maughan
Director, Cyber Security Division

Introduction/Welcome and CSD's Strategic Vision

PDF (4.35MB)


International Partners Panel - United Kingdom

 International Partners Panel - AustraliaN/A
 International Partners Panel - CanadaPDF (1.32 MB)
 International Partners Panel - NetherlandsPDF (3.9 MB)
 International Partners Panel - SwedenPDF (4.01 MB)
 International Partners Panel - European UnionPDF (358 KB)
Ed Cabrera
U.S Secret Service
Customer PresentationPDF (997 KB)

Mike Pozmantier
CSD Program Manager

Transition to PracticePDF (686 KB)

Dan Massey
CSD Program Manager

Homeland Security Open Technology (HOST)PDF (1.1 MB)

TTA 10


Ragib Hasan
The University of Alabama at Birmigham

Secure Location Provenance

PDF (875 KB)
Jeffrey Isherwood
Exelis, Inc.

WAIT! "I should have wrote that down"

PDF (834 KB)

Fabian Monrose
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Efficient Tracking, Logging, and Blocking of Accesses to Digital ObjectsPDF (1.28 MB)



Hassan Radwan
Secure Decisions

Code Pulse: Dynamic Augmented Static Analysis

PDF (802 KB)
George Kuam
HRL Laboratories, LLC

Practical Information Flow Verification in a Software Supply chain

PDF (1.34 MB)

Henry Sipma
Kestrel Technology, LLC

Gold Standard Benchmark for Static Source Code Analyser's

PDF (1.01 MB)



David Nicol
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

A Tool for Compliance and Depth of Defense Metrics

PDF (534 KB)

Steven Noel
George Mason University

Measuring Enterprise Risk Through Automated Security Testing

PDF (8.39 KB)

TTA 14


Miron Livny and Bart Miller
Morgride Institute for Research

SWAMP -The Software Assurance Market Place

PDF (595 KB)

Day 2 September 17, 2013

General Session


Doug Maughan
Director, Cyber Security Division


PDF (286 KB)

Jeff Moss
ICANN Chief Security Officer

Keynote Speaker

PDF (4.80 MB)

Kaethe Beck
Deputy Director

COE - VACCINE - Purdue UniversityPDF (2.68 MB)

Fred Roberts

COE - CCICADA - Rutgers UniversityPDF (129 KB)



Tom Smith
Johns Hopkins University

DHS/S&T IdM Testbed Activities

PDF (1.15 MB)
Michael Queralt

Contextual Access Control

PDF (853 KB)

Insider Threat (TTA 4)


Simson Garfinkel and Nicole Beebe
Naval Postgraduate School

Detecting Threatening Insiders with Lightweight Media Forensics

PDF (355 KB)

Cyber Forensics


Andrew Hoog

Mobile Forensics and Cyber

PDF (942 KB)

Software Assurance (SBIRs)


Paul Anderson

Multi-Platform Program Analysis

PDF (242 KB)

Djenana Campara
Data Access

Tool Output Integration Framework

PDF (311 KB)

Anita D'Amico and Ken Prole
Secure Decisions

Code Dx: Visual analytics for triage of source code vulnerabilitiesPDF (1.19 MB)

Incident Response Communities (TTA 8)


Shari Pfleeger and Lois Tetrick
Dartmouth College

Improving CSIRT Skills, Dynamics and Effectiveness

PDF (417 KB)

Insider Threat (TTA 4)


Donald Steiner
Northrop Grumman

Monitoring Database Management System (DBMS) Activity for Detection Data Exfiltration by Insiders

PDF (132 KB)

Cyber Economics (TTA 9)


Nicholas Christin
Carnegie Mellon University

Understanding and Disrupting the Economics of Cybercrime

PDF (374 KB)

Lawrence Gordon
University of Maryland

Reducing the Challenges to Make Cybersecurity Investments in the Private Sector

PDF (287 KB)

Mingyan Liu
University of Michigan

Towards a Global Network Reputation System: A Mechanism Design ApproachPDF (114 KB)

Resilient Systems & Networks (TTA 5)


Ron Watro
Raytheon BBN

Rea-Time Protocol Sheperds (RePS)

PDF (483 KB)
Cynthia Irvine
Naval Postgraduate School

Methodology for Assessment of Security Properties

PDF (361 KB)

Modeling of Internet Attacks (TTA 6)


John Heidemann
University of Southern California


PDF (618 KB)

Usable Security (TTA 3)


Larry Koved
IBM Research

Usable Multi-Factor Authentication and Risk-Based Authorization

PDF (1.56 MB)

Jean Camp
Indiana University

HATS: Human and Technical SecurityPDF (580 KB)

Weidong Shi
University of Houston

Implicit and Continuous Mobile User Identification/Authentication Using Smartphone SensorsPDF (1.52 MB)

Network Mapping & Measurement (TTA 7)


Joe Adams
Merit Network Inc

Enabling Operational Use of RPKI via Internet Routing Registries

PDF (824 KB)

Modeling of Internet Attacks (TTA 6)


John Goodall
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Stucco: Situation & Threat Understanding by Correlating Contextual Observations

PDF (1.04 MB)
Wenke Lee
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Comprehensive Understanding of Malicious Overlay Networks

PDF (940 KB)

Day 3 September  18, 2013

General Session


Doug Maughan
Director, Cyber Security Division


PDF (286 KB)

Dan Schutzer
Chief Technology Officer, BITS

Research Challenges for the Finance Sector

PDF (137 KB)

Jeanette Manfra
Deputy EO/PPD Integrated Task Force

EO-PPD DiscussionPDF (235 KB)

Network Mapping & Measurement (TTA 7)


Daniel Best and Bryan Olsen

Scalable Modeling of Network Flows - CLIQUE and Traffic Circle

PDF (584 KB)

KC Claffy
University of California, San Diego

Cartographic Capabilities for Critical Cyber Infrastructure (C4)

PDF (1.33 MB)

Nicholas Weaver
International Computer Science Institute

Netalyzer NG: Monitoring DNS,DNSSEC, and TLS from the EdgePDF (132 KB)

Robert Beverly
Naval Postgraduate School

Deploying Efficient Internet Topology PrimitivesPDF (270 KB)

Modeling of Internet Attacks (TTA 6)


Ang Cui
Columbia University

Advanced Situation Awareness of High Impact Malware Attacks Against the Internet Routing Infrastructure

PDF (794 KB)
Dave Dittrich
University of Washington

From Local to Global Cyber Security Awareness: A Distributed Incident Management System

PDF (491 KB)

Hardware-Enabled Trust (TTA 11)


Dimitrios Pendarakis
IBM Research

Hardware Support for Malware Defense and End-to-End Trust

PDF (307 KB)
Paul Rivera

Hardware Enabled Zero-Day Protection

PDF (269 KB)

Moving Target Defense (TTA 12)


Jeff Foley
Northrop Grumman Information Systems

Appliance for Active Repositioning in Cyberspace (AARC)

PDF (375 KB)
Ruby Lee
Princeton University

Using Moving Target Defense for Secure Hardware Design

PDF (767 KB)

Data Privacy


Lalana Kagal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Accountable Information Usage

PDF (850 KB)

Modeling of Internet Attacks (TTA 6)


Will Hickie
Endeavor Systems/Telesis

Introducing MESS

PDF (479 KB)

Nature Inspired Cyber Health(TTA 13)


Nina Fefferman
Rutgers University-New Brunswick Campus

Bio-Inspired Anomaly Detection

PDF (389 KB)
Doug Nordwall
Pacific NW National Laboratory

LINEBACKER: Bio-inspired analysis for network traffic

PDF (253 KB

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