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Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction Program (PSN)

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Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction Program (PSN)

  • Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction Program (PSN)
  • Discretionary
  • Grant
  • Law, Justice and Legal Services
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • $8,500,000
  • $500,000
  • $0
  • 12


Project Safe Neighbor-hoods (PSN) is designed to create safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in crime associated with gang and gun violence, and violent offenders. The program's effectiveness is based on the cooperation of local, state, and federal agencies engaged in a unified approach led by the U.S. Attorney (USA) in each district. The USA is responsible for establishing a collaborative PSN task force of federal, state, and local law enforcement and other com-munity members to implement gang and gun crime enforcement, intervention and prevention initiatives within the district. Through the PSN task force, the USA will implement the five design features of PSN partnerships, strategic planning, training, outreach, and account-ability, to address specific gun and gang crime, and violent offenders, in the most violent neighborhoods.


  • Date Posted 02/16/2016
  • Closing Date 05/17/2016

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are PSN Task Force fiscal agents for the U.S. Attorney districts and federally recognized Indian tribal governments (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior). All fiscal agents must be certified by the relevant U.S. Attorney’s Office (USAO). Eligible USAO-certified fiscal agents include states, units of local government, educational institutions, faith-based and other community organizations, private nonprofit organizations, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior). For details on the fiscal agent certification process, see


The purpose of PSN is to reduce gun crime and gang violence by the most violent offenders in the most violent neighborhoods by employing a research-driven, intelligence-led, and problem-solving approach to reduce firearms and gang violence through enforcement, deterrence, and prevention. BJA is seeking proposals from applicants interested in developing innovative, comprehensive, data-driven approaches to reduce chronic gun crime and/or gang violence in their jurisdiction. BJA expects agencies to work toward a result; a PSN result is defined as a plausible, scientifically-based finding that a solution had either an effect or no effect on the problem. The involvement of a research partner is indispensable to achieving this result

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